James Preller

55 books

The Fall

James Preller

fiction contemporary young adult
emotional reflective slow-paced

208 pages | first published 2015

A Jigsaw Jones Mystery#08 The Case Of The Great Sled Race

Jigsaw Jones Mystery #8

James Preller

fiction childrens mystery
mysterious slow-paced

missing page info | first published 2000

A Pirate's Guide to First Grade

Pirate's Guides

James Preller, Greg Ruth

adventurous lighthearted slow-paced

48 pages | first published 2010

A Pirate's Guide to Recess

Pirate's Guides

James Preller, Greg Ruth

adventurous funny lighthearted medium-paced

36 pages | first published 2013

Bee the Change

Big Idea Gang

James Preller

fiction childrens education nature science

96 pages

Blood Mountain

James Preller

fiction childrens thriller

240 pages

Case Of The Santa Claus Mystery

Jigsaw Jones Mystery #Super Special

James Preller with R.W. Alley (Illustrator), Jamie Smith (Illustrator)

lighthearted mysterious medium-paced

112 pages | first published 2006

Everybody Needs a Buddy

James Preller

fiction childrens
hopeful lighthearted fast-paced

96 pages | first published 2019

Hiccups For Elephant (level 2)

James Preller, Hans Wilhelm

fiction childrens
hopeful lighthearted slow-paced

32 pages | first published 1995

Home Sweet Horror

Scary Tales #1

James Preller, Iacopo Bruno

nonfiction fantasy horror
dark mysterious fast-paced

114 pages | first published 2013