Bram Stoker

353 books

A Feast Of Blood

E.F. Benson, Clark Ashton Smith, Karl von Wachsmann, Bram Stoker, Carl Jacobi, Richard Matheson, Charles M. Collins, Ernst Raupach, D. Scott-Moncrieff, John William Polidori

fiction horror
dark mysterious medium-paced

174 pages | first published 1967

All-Action Classics: Dracula, Volume 1

All-Action Classics

Bram Stoker with Ben Caldwell (Illustrator)

fiction childrens classics comics graphic novel horror
dark fast-paced

128 pages

Best Ghost Short Stories 1850-1899: A Phantasmal Ghost Anthology

Bram Stoker, Andrew Barger, Charles Dickens

fiction horror short stories
dark medium-paced

210 pages | first published 2016

Bram Stoker, best novels

Bram Stoker

fiction mystery
dark mysterious medium-paced

400 pages

Bram Stoker, Collection novels

Bram Stoker

nonfiction classics literary
dark medium-paced

626 pages

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Bram Stoker, Fernando Fernández

fiction classics comics horror
dark slow-paced

96 pages | first published 2005

Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Graphic Novel

Gary Reed, Bram Stoker, Becky Cloonan

fiction comics
dark tense fast-paced

176 pages | first published 2006

Bram Stoker's Notes for Dracula: An Annotated Transcription and Comprehensive Analysis

Michael Barsanti, Elizabeth Russell Miller, Robert Eighteen-Bisang

nonfiction reference
challenging informative slow-paced

342 pages | first published 2008

Bram Stoker's the Lady of the Shroud

Bram Stoker

fiction classics horror
dark slow-paced

236 pages | first published 1909