Washington Irving

389 books

Conquest of Granada

Washington Irving

nonfiction classics history
adventurous slow-paced

564 pages | first published 1829

Cuentos de la Alhambra

Washington Irving

fiction classics travel
adventurous informative slow-paced

260 pages | first published 1832

Digging Up the Past

Adventures of Wishbone #6

Vivian Sathre, Washington Irving, Rick Duffield

fiction childrens middle grade mystery
lighthearted slow-paced

141 pages | first published 1997

Essays from the Sketch Book

Washington Irving

fiction classics history
reflective medium-paced

112 pages | first published 2009

George Washington: A Biography

Charles Neider, Washington Irving

nonfiction biography history
informative medium-paced

790 pages | first published 1850