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Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale

Popular Culture and Philosophy #4

James B. South with Greg Forster (Contributor), Karl Schudt (Contributor), Jessica Prata Miller (Contributor), Thomas Hibbs (Contributor), Mimi Marinucci (Contributor), Andrew Aberdein (Contributor), Madeline M. Muntersbjorn (Contributor), James Lawler (Contributor), Toby Daspit (Contributor), James B. South (Contributor), Jason Kawal (Contributor), Carolyn Korsmeyer (Contributor), Sharon M. Kaye (Contributor), Melissa M. Milavec (Contributor), Scott R. Stroud (Contributor), Neal King (Contributor), Wendy Love Anderson (Contributor), Jacob M. Held (Contributor), Jeffrey L. Pasley (Contributor), Gregory J. Sakal (Contributor), Richard Greene (Contributor), Wayne Yuen (Contributor), Michael P. Levine (Contributor), Tracy Little (Contributor), Steven Jay Schneider (Contributor)

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