We're All Lying, by Marie Still

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Thank you NetGalley, Rising Action Publishing Co. and Marie Still for letting me read “We’re All Lying” in exchange for an honest review.

I was bored out of my mind and searched for anything new in NetGalley. That’s when I stumbled over this little gem, which was advertised on the front page.

Title ☑️
Cover ☑️ (reminded me on PLL?)
Description ☑️

So what do we have?! BOOM! Banger alert

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Cass lives an enviable life: a successful career, two great kids, and a handsome husband. Then an email from her husband’s mistress, Emma, brings the façade of perfection crumbling around her, setting off a chain of events where buried secrets come back to haunt her.
A taunting email turns into stalking and escalates into much worse. Ethan and Cass try to move on, then Emma disappears.

Now, this was certainly a fun rollercoaster ride. What impressed me from the start was Still’s writing. There were lots of interesting metaphors and dark humor. Still knows how to make you feel what the characters are feeling, and to convince the reader that Cass is really hurting. We can feel her mind unraveling and you just feel for her. There were two other POVs, her husband and assistant. They both added to the overall quality of the book, and made it more exciting.

The plot was engaging. I wanted to know what had happened, and even if I guessed some of it, there were some surprises. There were some hints that made me realize something was going on.

The story is fast-paced, there is always something new going on. I loved that the book started with Emma’s disappearance since it prepared you for the escalating suspense.

I would definitely recommend the book to others!

Thanks to netgally and rising action publishing for the arc in exchange for my honest review

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We’re All Lying by Marie Still
Synopsis: Cass has it all! A successful business, two great kids and a successful husband. It all comes crashing down around her when she receives an email from her husband’s mistress. The secrets just keep coming the more she finds out. Just when it looks like Cass and Ethan may be on the verge of working it out, his mistress, Emma, disappears.
My thoughts: I really enjoyed this fast paced thriller! I certainly had my suspicions as to who Emma’s killer was but there were enough other characters with motive, that it kept me on edge. There were plenty of surprises and I love the last few chapters! Beautifully written and a great novel to recommend to my friends! Grab this one when it comes out! Thank you so much Marie for my advanced copy! It came at the perfect time as I had finished my previous book earlier the day it arrived!

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dark emotional mysterious tense fast-paced


I already had trust issues, and Marie Still has heightened them. This twisty domestic thriller kept the pages turning and me guessing. My facial muscles got a work out as I shifted from smirks, to gasps, to gritted teeth, and eyes bulging.

We're All Lying is a sharp debut that left me excited to see what this author writes next!