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Poor Bernie. A military brat given freedom to attend a college in the United States while her dysfunctional family is stationed in Okinawa. Her father a former pilot now bitter desk jockey and her mother former free spirit now military officer wife who bulks at towing the line and following the informal chain of command among the military officer wives. Add to the mix a bunch of siblings including on that don’t like Bernie much and let the adventure begin!
After winning a dance contest Bernie is off to Japan to reunite with their former House maid and discover the secret of the bitter feeling between her parents. Very relatable for anyone who has any relationship with a military family. And a great read. I hope she does a second book

pghbekka's review against another edition

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I wanted to love this, or at least be able to recommend it to my partner, who grow up at Yokota. Unfortunately, Sarah Bird is just not the writer for me, and the story was not engaging.