Still Not Over You by Ali Vali, Carsen Taite, Jenny Frame

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An honest review thanks to NetGalley. This was a great trio of novellas. I liked two better than the other. Second chance romances are probably my favorite and this book did a wonderful job showcasing these second chances!

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Still not over you shares 3 novellas of f/f couple that have broken up and then been brought back together. The authors of each of the novellas present great characters and differing story lines on how the women get back together and what broke them apart in the first place. My favorite story was On the Rocks followed by my forever girl and lastly Double Jeopardy. I connected with Double Jeopardy the least and the least connection with the character but it is a great novella. I can’t wait to read more from these authors.

Thank you to Bold Stroke Books via NetGalley for an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.

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ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book features three short stories about reunited lovers. The first story ‘My Forever Girl’ by Jenny Frame was easily my favourite. The MCs are Bray and Faith, who have been divorced for four years after some traumatic circumstances lead to the breakdown of their marriage. They are both tricked into going on a cruise with mutual friends, and are able to reconnect while away. I liked how they discussed their issues, and even thought Bray had a lot to make up for, I liked that Faith acknowledged her part in what went on. I was glad to see these two manage a HEA after all. 4 stars

The second story ‘Double Jeopardy’ by Carmen Taite was the weakest in my opinion. The MCs here are Katie, who is marrying a woman she doesn’t love to save her company, and Emma, the woman Katie left at the alter 8 years before. The premise of this was interesting but too much time was spent on the past issues and the legal tangles so the MCs didn’t really reconnect on anything more than a superficial level, which made the ending fall flat. It was also hampered by only being told from Katie’s POV. 3 stars

The third story, ‘On the Rocks’ by Ali Vali features Preston (Max) who works in the family whiskey business and Hayley who is trying to pitch an advertising campaign for Preston’s company, they were together in college, without ever divulging that they come from rich/famous families, and so both don’t know the truth about the other. Hayley also just walked away without explanation back then, and the explanation is weak when it is given. I found the constant switching between ‘Preston’ and ‘Max’ annoying but did like that the story was fleshed out through the use of some flashbacks. The two MCs also spend time together and hash out some issues, so this was stronger than the second story. 3.25 stars

Fans of any of these authors will likely enjoy their respective stories. Overall I’d give this 3.5, but I’m rounding down.

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I enjoyed all three stories. I think the one done by Jenny Frame made me cry the most. All of the stories deal with having a second chance with the one you know you will always love. I found the story by Ali Vali had me laughing and I like how she switched between the 2 MCs point of view. It would end with a thought or sentence and the next would pick up right where that one left off with the same thought or wording. Carsen Taite has an interesting take on a runaway bride. In all the stories family plays in important part.

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I was in a reading funk for a few weeks and this book pulled me out of it!

I'm a fan of Jenny Frame and Carsen Taite, but haven't read much from Ali Vali, so I was excited to get me eyes on this!

Each story had an element of forgiveness and then reconciliation which I always enjoy reading.

My favorite was My Forever Girl. The characters, the relationships, the plot, the romance, all of it 100% enjoyable!

Double Jeopardy had me nervous for a moment because I'm not a fan of cheating. But, the plot was different than the usual, so it was an easier read for me. Emma was my favorite in this one and I'd read this story again just to see her and experience her journey again!

On the Rocks had an enjoyable family dynamic to it. Plus a little will they won't they tug of war that was enjoyable to watch.

Overall I recommend this book. Whether it's to check out one of the authors, or because you like reconciliation stories it's definitely worth the time invested.

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3.5 stars overall

I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again, novellas are tricky chimkens. Delivering them well is perhaps some of the ultimate trickiness. Wrapping up effectively an entire story in an inch of the time and space, requires some complex mojo, but in the case of all three novellas here, I'd like to say it's a job quite well done.

Jenny Frame's "My Forever Girl" works really well, with ex-wives Brayden and Faith hopping on board a cruise together and finding that perhaps they could have a second chance. Brayden took her family's fortune to the bin and Faith played her own hand in pushing Brayden away. Their meddling friends may just be right in bringing them all back together.

Brayden's character is honest and long suffering from her own devices and the evils of gambling. She's genuinely likeable, but doesn't even come close to liking herself. It takes Faith's forgiveness to bring her back.

I give "My Forever Girl" four stars.


Carsen Taite's "Double Jeopardy" delivers a familiar story of the runaway bride, but it's complicated. Katie ran away once, but she's soon to give marriage a second chance ... or will she.

Emma saw Katie run away from her once before, so when they connect again just before Katie is about to tie the knot, there's a lot of baggage to work through.

Neither character was a super favourite of mine, and the story was pretty much a straight line in terms of predictions. Less entertaining, but still ok.

3 stars


Anyone for whiskey? On the Rocks by Ali Vali, gives whiskey distiller Preston 'Max' Maxwell a second chance with long lost love Hayley Wyatt, apart from they're both gun shy and there are bandaids which need to be ripped off.

With some careful guidance (or blatant badgering), Max and Hayley get a second change.

Ok enough. 3 stars.

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I absolutely love the first novella My Forever Girl by Jenny Frame. Its tone is sad from the beginning yet we feel the immense love and caring between Braydon and Faith. Because of unfortunate circumstances, they are divorced and have been avoiding seeing each other for four years. But their friends invite them on a cruise and force them to share adjacent rooms for two weeks. Melancholy flowed relentlessly through the story as Bray and Faith work to forgive each other and, most importantly, themselves. Frame did not disappoint with this emotional butch-femme story and oh what I would give to have a full length novel of them!

The second story is relatively weak just because the first one had me spoiled. Carsen Taite's Double Jeopardy is still a good short. Told in Katie's first-person narrative, we learn that Katie stood Emma up at the altar eight years ago. And now, they run into each other again right before Katie's loveless new wedding. Honestly, I do not find Katie very likeable but it is definitely easy to connect with her as the story gradually reveals her concerns, both past and present. I would say true friends play a big role in this novella and since it ends quite abruptly, it leaves us space for imagination and hope.

Ali Vali's On the Rocks, another butch-femme story, is very cute. I especially like how each scene starts with the same idea the last scene leaves off. Though consecutive scenes focus on different characters, the connection of thoughts and dialogues make conversations stretch beyond space, even if they are talking about different things. Though I cannot truly grasp why Haley thought ditching Max after graduation was a great idea, I love the whiskey theme and seeing them get closer to each other after receiving closure. Also, the Cinclairs are absolutely adorable. If the first and second stories show us what friends are for, this one emphasizes on wonderful and supportive family members.

Still Not Over You is a wonderful second-chance romance anthology that makes you believe in love again. And you would certainly be missing out if you have not read My Forever Girl because it truly is everything.

I received an e-ARC from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.