Agent 21: Reloaded, by Chris Ryan

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Agent 21: Reloaded is the second book in Chris Ryan’s Agent 21 series, and as with the first book I found it to be an enjoyable quick read. Much like the first book, book two is also a three-point-five-star rating that I decided to round down.

Following the events of Agent 21, Agent 21: Reloaded throws us into another action-packed novel that will have you turning the pages at such a rapid pace that you will soon finding yourself on the final page ready to grab the next book. Throughout, we have a story that holds your attention, giving us a tale that has us turning the pages. It stands well as a thriller all on its own, but when you add in the details that link it back to the prior book you’re given more fun.

In truth, I cannot decide if I enjoyed this one more or less than I enjoyed the first book. I enjoyed that we got a bigger picture with this one, allowing us to follow more than just our main character. However, as with the first book, things were too black and white for me. In fact, I found this one to be overly obvious in places – it was clear from the very start who was bad and who was good, when I prefer things to be less clear cut.

Nevertheless, Agent 21: Reloaded left me more than willing to dive into the third book to see what happens next for the characters.