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Small! by Hannah Moffatt

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This was a good children's book. It reminded me a bit of Harry Potter in that it takes place in the UK, an awkward boy goes to a fantasy school, the boy's family isn't great, and he ends up having to play the part of a hero. I'd say this is magical realism, as the characters do seem to accept that fantasy creatures exist. This is important because the setting is mostly a less-traditional learning environment, and the students are meant to grow up having the lives of giants, not typical human employment opportunities. Harvey has terrible luck, but it's actually because he tends to blame himself for events that are not his fault. I'd recommend this book to young or young-at-heart audiences looking for a bit of a laugh, an unexpected friendship, some heroics, and lots of stinky fantasy creatures. This isn't the kind of book I typically read, but I enjoyed it. I got a copy from the author as thanks for an interview at Operation Awesome. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

My favorite character name in the book is Lord Pawington Bear-Face Grumple Snout the Second (Mr. Snout), the forbidden teddy bear. 

A line I especially loved:
But even the scariest things aren't quite as scary with a best friend by your side. 

It's fun and silly entertainment. The clumsy character just wants to make a friend. Circumstances give him an opportunity to be an asset instead of a liability. It feels like a book that would be a good choice to use during storytime with a librarian, the sort where an adult reads to children and "does the voices." 

I learned, because I had to look it up, that dungarees are a one-piece garment consisting of trousers, a piece of cloth that covers your chest, and straps that go over your shoulders; so they're basically denim overalls. Physical violence is used on children (such as being whacked with a clipboard), and many threats. The dormitory has no gender segregation. 

The book has a happy-for-now ending. While a bit predictable for adult fantasy fans, the plot twists and clues probably work best for young readers. Overall, it's a good story about friendship and bravery. 

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