Infinity, by Jus Accardo

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I was excited when I heard that Jus Accardo was writing a new series that involved parallel dimensions because I had loved The Eternal Balance series so much. I thought that the story line was interesting but I was hoping for something more original. I felt like I had read this story many times over already and loved them. This along with the predictability of the story made it very difficult for me to pay attention and love this story as much.
I had a hard time with the main characters because I thought that the love interest was bland and the main character was a bit too ready to run into trouble rather than thinking her actions through. She was a bit of a spoiled brat which turned me off from liking her.
I also didn't understand why the romance aspect of the book was shoved in the readers face so much throughout the story. I felt like there was too much attention on that and not enough on the people that were suffering because of the technology to travel to different dimensions. I honestly didn't care what happened to either character due to being annoyed by the author repeating that they couldn't be together over and over. I just wanted to yell "I get it! Now move on!"

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This book was so much fun and sucked me into this world (or worlds) from the very beginning!

I've loved the idea of jumping through worlds ever since watching the TV show Sliders as a teen, but haven't really read about it until now. I'm so glad I did! The plot behind this series is fantastic, perfectly blending the chase with romance without ever seeming heavy handed with either.

Each of our three main characters within this story each have their own baggage; conflicting feelings and emotions they struggle to deal with, in the face of what almost appears to be fate. Each character feels real, and have layers that you peel back throughout the story.

I really loved this, and can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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4.5 stars.
When is the next one coming out?! I have realized I have an obsession with time jumping/alternate dimension books.

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adventurous challenging tense


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**I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

There were so many great parts in this book, but one of my favorites is the complicated relationship Cade and Noah have with Kori. Completely understandable, yet also incredibly heartbreaking at the same time. I don't recall ever reading a book with a relationship quite like this and I think the author did an amazing job with it. This book had so many twists and turns that I didn't see coming, it made for an amazing read. I can't recommend it enough!

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OH BOY! Romance + Sci-fi = LOVE and that is EXACTLY what you'll get in Jus Accardo's Infinity. I was immediately attracted to the beautiful cover and stuck around for the amazing description. Secrets! Interdimensional travel! Secretive boys from other dimensions! YASSSS.

Real love started in your heart and went straight to infinity.

I basically devoured this book from the moment I started it. Our main character, Kori, is a slightly rebellious teen reminiscent of Banksy. Kori paints murals to deal with the grief she has after losing her mother. Her dad won't talk about it so what's a girl to do other than deface public property? Ok, fine...She could have found a more legal outlet but I digress. While painting one night, she runs into an ultra creep, who turns out to be an interdimensional traveler set out to kill all Kori thanks to a pretty ridiculous grudge.

Hope could gut you in the end.

Enter Cade and Noah, set to babysit Kori while her dad is away. After Kori decides to play with her life some more, Cade and Noah divulge that they are travels from an alternate dimension where Noah is Kori's brother and Cade is her boyfriend. On the run they go, trying to escape similar outcomes to their home dimension.

Promise me you'll live your life in vivid color.

Infinity is constant action, there's never a slow point. In addition to all the interdimensional issues, you get the backstories of all of the characters. How Jus pulls this off in 320 pages is nothing short of amazing! She weaves characters and dimensions in her beautiful writing that will keep your attention through the end.

While the story is driven within a sci-fi setting, it never feels too heavy. Same with the romance. Nothing comes off as forced. I love that there's resolution but the end is left open enough for a second book. If you've read other interdimensional love stories and enjoyed them, I highly recommend picking this one up!

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A solid start to this series of different worlds.

The blurb for this book grabbed me and I'm happiest when in the YA world. What emerges from the pages is a rather complex but intriguing series of events leading to the heroine, Kori, finding out that her life, her world is not as it seems. Kori was a likeable character, full of attitude, head-strong but with vulnerabilities. Kori finds herself being minded by two young soldiers Cade and Noah. These two are like good cop, bad cop; chalk and cheese. Kori quickly realises they're not just minders.

The story direction took a bit of technical grasping, but once I was initiated in the Infinity world, I flew with the concept. There was some chemistry between the characters but any romance felt secondary to the story itself. There were some characters that I enjoyed disliking, like Dylan. Some of the twists felt a little predictable but the story was an interesting journey.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through netgalley in return for an honest review.

Reviewed for Jo&IsaLoveBooks Blog.

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I'm not really sure how to feel about this book. The idea was there and what drew me to the book in the first place ended up feeling more like an after thought.
I wasn't a big fan of Kori. She was ok, but she seemed very standard book character to me.
Cade and Noah were fantastic! The love story was slightly far fetched, but way more realistic than most.

I wish there was more on the alternate dimension travel. There was barely anything on this.
I also felt the story was very rushed. I'm not sure if this is a series or a standalone. If it's a standalone, I'm completely disappointed, if it's a series I hope the author completely expands on this idea. There's a lot lacking.

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2 stars!

Well, as promising as this one was, ultimately it wasn't anything that hasn't been done before and for the most part I was willing to look past that but the narration was the hardest to overlook.

Kori, the heroine, has to be the most unreadable character ever. 8/10 of her inner thoughts and actual dialogue was a question. In order for the story to build any kind of background, Kori asked a million questions. I'm seriously not even exaggerating with this, each chapter had more than 20 question marks. And while it did provide information, the heroine did nothing else, she just asked questions and kept wondering about stuff that was happening, in her head. After a while it just got boring and they were not needed, at all.

The romance part was lukewarm, sort of like a Vampire Diaries doppelganger thing going on and of course the badass villain that is almost cartoonish. But I did like the premise of the story, the author really knows how to create a believable storyline even with all the cringe worthy attempts to justify technological advances and time travel, calling it "sci-fi" and too complicated for "our Earth" to know but still, the potential was there, it just needs a good edit and a far more interesting heroine for the info dump.

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There’s no turning back in this crazy world of ours. Each choice we make and every problem we face has an unique set of permanent consequences that set our path moving forward. But what if the life you knew was one of many potential lives and somewhere out there in another universe, you were living a completely different life? That’s the insane reality put forth in Jus Accardo’s new novel, Infinity!

Kori Anderson’s quietly rebellious life with her army general father hasn’t always felt ideal, but things really go downhill when her public display of art lands her two new military babysitters while her dad is away. Despite only being a couple years older, Cade and Noah treat Kori like a strange conundrum. That is, until someone attempts to kill Kori and the secrets come spilling out.

Her father is the head of a secret military division that travels between multiverses. Cade and Noah are soldiers from another multiverse, both of whom grew up with another version of Kori– one who was viciously murdered as part of a revenge plot. Now, the two must help her stay safe from an enemy she’s never met, who won’t be satisfied until he’s killed every version of Kori in every multiverse he can find.

Universes are never the same, but there are usually patterns. Kori has almost always grown up with Noah and Cade. She’s almost always had a beloved best friend. And oh, she and Cade have almost always been madly in love. Her universe is the exception, making her journey to understand the situation even more painstaking. Who can she truly believe? Are Cade and Noah seeing her or their own Kori? And how can she use her skills from this universe to protect herself and every Kori left in existence?

Despite amazing world building that opens you up to the excitement of endless possibilities, Jus Accardo’s biggest accomplishment in Infinity is Kori herself. She could have been a frightened “Woe is me” type who can’t possibly handle the extreme circumstances. Instead, she’s fierce, focused, and full of quips. She doesn’t lay down and accept anything from anyone and even when her emotions run high, she doesn’t just give in to them.

That last trait is especially helpful as lots of romantic tension swirls between Kori and Cade. Things are complicated, to say the least. Cade has been in love with a different version of her before, and Kori never got her own Cade. The longing is real and their alone time sizzles, but we could have used more sweetness, flirtation, and general proof that these two are into each other and not just the idea of each other. I was more surprised with the platonic, bittersweet relationship that existed between Kori and Noah, who has become a bit hardened after watching her die over and over in different universes.

The great thing about this book, which is the first in a series, is that it barely scrapes the tip of the iceberg. There are infinite universes, but this opening story only takes place in one. Cade and Noah hint at what exists in others and it’s very enticing. Like most first books, there’s a lot of explanation and perhaps not enough action, despite the characters avoiding the military and a killer while trying to solve a mystery.

Jus Accardo can take fans pretty much wherever she wants moving forward. However, getting the characters to that point required villainous deus ex machina that didn’t leave us totally thrilled. It was just too convenient. Still, there’s loads of potential for future books and we’re ready to see where Kori’s unexpected adventure takes her!