Dirt Circus League, by Maree Kimberley

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Dirt Circus League is a strange book. It transcends genres, and much like its main character doesn't fit anywhere and is a bit confused.
It's a quirky read that you will either jell with or struggle to finish and understand just what the author was trying to achieve, If you can, perceiver and get to the end as it's worth it.

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Such an eye-catching cover! That bright pink on background of pure black with title in eye-popping neon yellow; overall, one of the best covers I've ever seen. And when you add the word 'circus' to the title, I'm a goner. I have to read this book!

Going by the book description, this book could be contemporary or it could be fantasy. Truthfully, I'm finding it hard to place this book in a certain category but I think I'd actually place it as magical realism which is a bit hit and miss for me so unfortunately, this book was closer to a miss.

The setting is a fictional outback town of Australia (possibly in QLD) and it is set in the present time. Asa, the protagonist, is running away from a mother who does not care for her but also of her grief and anger at losing her grandmother who loved her. She came across the Dirt Circus League, became fascinated by the violence, and decided that it may be a good space for her and her anger. What she found at their headquarters, however, was beyond even her imagining and Asa had to decide whether to give in to her anger or accept herself and become better.

As you'd know, magical realism is usually full of strange and at times, wonderful things. In this novel, though, it mostly strange, violent, and more violence. Language wise, I found the novel easy to read and Asa is a pretty easy protag to like despite her anger issues but yet, that's understandable and she came out strong in the end. I just couldn't appreciate all the imagery so this is all on me.

Thank you Text Publishing via Netgalley for the e-copy of this book in exchange of my honest thoughts

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Just not my style. Also not into fantasy involving birds.

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I guess I wanted more.

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adventurous dark mysterious fast-paced