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Aaminah Amin’s It’s Not Common Cent$ is a good introduction to basic financial principles for a Gen Z audience. The author presents financial vocabulary through a series of scenarios and walks readers through car buying, health insurance, saving, and emergency funds.

Aaminah Amin also touches on why it’s important to make time for long-term investments, budget, and how multiple streams of income can ease financial strain.

I appreciate that the author included a free Google Sheet budgeting tool for readers to download.

With that said, the already short book could have had some more fluff removed from it. The author was trying to make a dry topic fun with casual conversation and references to parties and college, but the constant humor attempts were too much for me.

ecstracke's review

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This book has tons of useful information on all things finance. Aaminah Amin does a great job presenting the information in an understandable but still interesting and often funny way. This book starts with the basics but as you continue through the chapters Amin introduces more complex topics but still makes them accessible to everyone. While this book is definitely aimed at young adults and those with limited finance knowledge there is useful information in here for everyone. I have a background in finance and accounting and I left this book with a number of useful tips to put into practice. I definitely recommend taking your time with this book though. While it is relatively short, it is packed full of information. Each chapter builds on the previous one and includes action steps for you to implement your new knowledge into your life. Taking the time to complete these steps will help you get the most of this book in my opinion. All in all a great resource and I'd recommend to anyone regardless of your current level of finance knowledge.