All That Really Matters, by Nicole Deese

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~ Audiobook Review ~
I really enjoyed this one!

Series: This is the first in a series. I am very excited to read the next book! All That It Takes

Content: I have really enjoyed the switch in Nicole Deese’s writing! Her two newest books have strong Christian themes that show characters with personal growing relationships with Christ. These books don’t just slap on a Bible verse, they dynamically show the characters walking life with Christ, through the ups and downs.

Book recommendations: Her other book [b: Before I Called You Mine|46161058|Before I Called You Mine|Nicole Deese||71116493] for its equally strong Christian themes, it is still a favourite of mine!

Audio Performance: 10/10
This was a great fully voiced performance (meaning each character was given a unique voice to distinguish who was speaking). It was dual narration and whilst I don’t always like that I enjoyed it for this book.
I was caught up in Molly’s personality and thought Justis did an exceptional job at bringing her character to life. Stylus’s chapters were very good too but Molly’s stood out since she was a vibrant personality.

Author: [a: Nicole Deese|6878628|Nicole Deese|]
Narrator: Justis Bolding & Michael Braun
Length: 14hrs (Unabridged)
Released: 6-April-2021
Publisher: Recorded Books Audio
Platform: Scribd

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I could not put this book down! I loved every minute of it!

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Thank you to Love Book Tours and Nicole Deese who very kindly provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I didn’t really know what to expect going into this book but it is safe to say that I was really pleasantly surprised. This is a truly heartwarming story about self discovery and learning to accept the real you.

I loved the journey that Molly goes on throughout this book and how we as readers get to see her grow and develop as a character whilst learning who the real Molly is. I think that is something the author has done really well in this book is the character development.

I loved Silas, I thought he was the perfect gentleman, and also quite funny at times. I think that his character was developed really well and I liked that as the book progressed we got to see different sides to him. I loved how much he cared about the kids and the project on the whole.

I think that the general idea behind this book was just fantastic and I can’t commend the author for shining light on the help that foster children need when they have aged out the the system.

I loved all of the people living in the manor and the overall themes of friendship and just kindness in the book. It was just a really uplifting but also eye opening read for me.

In my opinion the pace of the book was spot on and I like how the ending left it open for potential revisits to the world, which I am really hoping for!

I definitely recommend this book and I will for sure be checking out some more of Nicole’s work!

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I’m not even sure where to start.

Nicole Deese has this a.m.a.z.i.n.g ability to pull on readers’ heartstrings with a story that may look like it is all fluff but it is so much more, so deep, and so powerful.

The lessons in “All That Really Matters” are spot on in this age of social media and Deese did it in a way that showed just how vulnerable social media can leave you yet it also showed how social media can be a good thing.

Silas and Molly are just so adorable, together and apart. And let me say that I am so looking forward to Deese’s next book because of the main characters.

Recommendation 18+ due to two things though they were shown in a bad light as they should be.

I voluntarily received and reviewed a complimentary e/copy of this book which I received from the author/publisher. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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What I liked:
- The Bridge and the idea of a safe place like that for aged-out foster kids was cool and inspiring.
- The behind-the-scenes look at the fashion + beauty social media industry was interesting and eye-opening. I'm not on Instagram and don't pay much attention to social media influencers, but I wish Molly was a real person.
- I loved Val and Miles and I wish I could see more of them. Thus, I will probably read the sequel when it releases next spring.
- I guess that's it?
- Ah, yes. I really liked Silas. (How could I forget about the heart-stopping hero?) He was always very gentlemanly (please tell me that's a word because I'm second-guessing myself) and kind - a great hero.
- This shouldn't count, but I liked the cover. It's so feminine and pretty... but it screams "YA!" to me, which was confusing because this book is not Young Adult. The heroine is 27, folks. But that was my mistake. All That Really Matters is pretty clean for a modern romance novel.

What I disliked:
- I didn't really like or connect with the heroine (this can be explained by our age difference and very different lifestyles, though). Molly is just so different than me (and she felt somewhat... spoiled), so she wasn't very sympathetic. But she was a genuinely kind and funny person character.
- The hero and the heroine were shockingly gorgeous. I don't know why it disappointed me, but I was oddly annoyed by how many times their physical appearance was mentioned.
- As much as I liked Silas, he didn't feel like a real guy - he felt like a girl's perception of a guy. Which is ironic since Jake, Miles, and the other male supporting characters were awesome. But it wasn't awful and I know how hard it is to write realistic guys.
- The themes also felt understated for a Christian romance novel. I honestly couldn't tell you what the theme was. Probably something about what really matters, I guess. XD
- On the same note, there isn't much of a Christian influence on All That Really Matters. Molly and Silas never go to church (at least, it isn't mentioned). Miles pastors a church, but that isn't discussed. Molly's parents live a crazy church planting and missionary life that few Christians involved in ministry can pull off.

So, in conclusion, All That Really Matters just wasn't my piece of cake. My apologies.

Content: mild language and romance, including some kissing. All the teenagers at The Bridge have awful pasts.
SpoilerOne of the girls at The Bridge attacks another girl while she's asleep. The attacker shears off the victim's hair and slices her cheek.
Drugs are mentioned several times.
SpoilerTwo of the teens at The Bridge are discovered to have been stealing, wherever they can. They have also had sex together.

Not really recommended.

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All That Really Matters

By Nicole Deese

“I suppose that’s something we all want in life, no matter how good we get: to find that special place where we fit”


What a beautiful book. This is VERY different to the books I usually read - it was a coming of age story of sorts, except our protagonist is 28. Which, as a 28 year old, works for me as I still feel I am coming of age every week.

This is the story of beauty influencer Molly who is looking for the new edge to take her career to new heights, and with a bit of help from her brother ends of volunteering at a half way house of sorts - the bridge - with care leavers to help them beat the statistics and set them up in ways their troubled childhood did not. It is here she meets the group leader, the mature and reserved Silas who wants nothing more than to protect the vulnerable young adults but even he can’t deny how charismatic and charming Molly is.

This is love story as well, it IS a Christian romance which I don’t tend to read much of but this didn’t feel preachy in anyway, just quite wholesome and that the relationship with God is something discussed but it’s not the number one aim of the novel.
I really loved how mature and steady Silas is. He was a perfect fit for his job, and as a calming antidote to Mollys hectic life. It was so refreshing to read a male character who wasn’t about mind games, or appearing mysterious. This is who Silas was and he will let it be known.

Mollys growth as a character is brilliant, it is wonderful to witness her journey and I think a key theme of this novel is how we appear online and how it is mostly fake and really we are all just searching for something real was so relevant to today’s society.

Wren was my favourite character, I loved her so much. It’s been such a long time since I cried tears of happiness at a book so I was so surprise when I got to the final chapters and found tears falling from my eyes.

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I'm now convinced that Nicole Deese cannot write a bad book, or a book that doesn't make me sob.

I'm glad I kept going on this one. At first I was a bit unsure because I just couldn't stand Molly, and the first three or four chapters are her POV. If I ever get that self absorbed I give anyone permission to smack me. But over time I grew to like Molly and enjoy her POV. Silas has my whole heart.

Anyhow, this book was so good I read it in one sitting. I loved some of the secondary characters in the book and how they were really brought to life. The topics of foster care, foster homes, adoption, and other topics were all addressed really well. This book tugged at my heart left and right, I cried a few times throughout it because I was just overwhelmed with a variety of emotions.

I'm not a fan of contemporary romance, but I'd recommend this book to anyone.

5 Stars, and I can't wait for the next book that continues this one.

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This book was ah-mazing!! I absolutely loved the the beautiful story that is this book. To see the character growth of Molly, was such a fun journey, that you don’t see in many books. The secondary characters are awesome and I can’t wait to see these characters again in Nicole’s spring 2022 release. The ending was perfect and so well done. Quite simply, I loved this book! Don’t miss it!!!

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  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? It's complicated
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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I'm close to a rarely-given 5 star rating on this one! This one is a solid 4.5 stars for me, as it affected me on so many levels. This was my first book by this author, but I hope not my last. I was able to find this one on Hoopla (but no other local avenues) - thank goodness for Hoopla! This one hit so many places in my life and heart, it's hard to write a good synopsis (especially without giving anything away). Molly McKenzie lives in Washington state, and has worked hard to obtain her status as a social media influencer in the world of fashion, beauty and make-up. Molly is working hard, day and night, alone in her apartment, with only her virtual assistant (and best friend, though they've never met in person), Val and her manager/boyfriend Ethan (who flies in sporadically for work events) to keep her busy. Molly has built her platform from the ground up and is going places, according to her talent manager. She just needs to secure some kind of meaningful partnership with a local charity or non-profit, in order to secure her place on a nationwide, televised makeover show. Molly's twin brother Miles is a pastor, and he suggests a local organization that helps youth who are aging out of the foster care system. Molly tries to convince the program's director, Silas, that she would be a worthwhile mentor. The program, the young people she encounters at the local organization, Silas, and so many things begin to work in Molly's heart and her head. Molly has a journey ahead of her, learning about what really matters in life. I cannot recommend this one enough - loved it, and it will stay with me, for a long, LONG time, which is the sign of a great book for me. Highly recommend!