Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare

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This is Cassie's best work so far. Loved it.

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Okay, yeah she's making another shadowhunter series. I think it will be just as good as the rest, but just set in present day time.

But is anyone going to mention how in the description it says "...Emma has dedicated her life to the eradication of demons and being the best, fastest and deadliest Shadowhunter since Jace Lightwood." SINCE Jace? It's only been 5 years since the last series! either this means he's run away from all institutes or he's dead .

Cassie has been saying that in her upcoming books, some main characters will die... but Jace dying just makes me so sad. He's been through so much and I just want him to live happily ever after with Clary somewhere. jaksgfuiadlf *cries in a corner*

Update (12/28/2016):

As usual, I'm a sucker for shadowhunters novels. This one is no exception. I loved every damn page of this book. I love the characters, the plot, every twist and turn. It's an amazing perspective shift. Cassie sure knows what her readers love and are most curious about. So many of our questions were answered, but I'm still dying to know more. I absolutely cannot wait for the next novel. If you are a shadowhunter fan, this book will not disappoint!

P.s. it only took me so long to read because this past semester was tough for me. Glad I finally got through it though. Hopefully now since I'm on break, I can get more reading done.

Update (7/25/2018):

Oh, did I forget how good this book was. I'm glad I did a reread in preparation for (hopefully) getting the next book for my birthday. I'm so excited to see what's been going on with the crew! Trying not to read spoilers is so hard when I just want to go onto shadowhunter wiki and read all about my babies. The anticipation is killing me!

My impressions after finishing the book the second time and not remembering much (SPOILERS): I found myself suspicious of Diana, most likely because I was thinking that she was Hodge. I though that was interesting, and I didn't notice it really until a character in the book mentioned it. I very much want Emma and Christina to be parabati. I don't know how, but maybe if she does something for the clave, in return they'd be willing to forgive her and Julian and change their bond. I'm really really looking forward to see how Emma and Mark's relationship has developed. Will they actually start to fall for each other?! Unsurprisingly, I was to see more of our beloved characters from past series'. I want more of them all fighting side by side.

What a great, great novel overall. I genuinely can't think of any critiques.

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Okay, wow. I never expected to love this book so much and be attached by it. I love the plot, the Blackthorns, Julian, Emma, the angst, I love them. I can't deny, friends-to-lovers with forbidden love just hit differently.

“Being told that love is forbidden does not kill love. It strengthens it.”

[b:Lady Midnight|25494343|Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1)|Cassandra Clare||19104294] is the first book in The Dark Artifices series by Cassie Clare, part of the wonderful world of shadowhunters. After what happened years ago from the City of Heavenly Fire, Emma Carstairs is now a young woman motivated to figure out who her parents killers are and avenge their deaths. Together with her parabatai, the love of my life, Julian Blackthorn and friends, they start investigating as strange murders that are linked and similar to the death of Emma's parents starts to happen.

This book is about a murder mystery, a family, a forbidden romance, and betrayals. This book is a new favorite!

First, the story line was gripping. It was medium-paced and it got me hooked from the beginning until the end. The mystery was there and it was enough to keep me entertained. I also liked how this book had lots of action and of course- the banter and the angst! This was a 600 pages book yet it felt like it only had 300 pages.

I had little moments where I was confused and I blamed it on myself for not reading the whole TMI series, I just read the summary of each book instead. I personally think I would have a better experience if I had read them first but since I'm impatient, impulsive, and too lazy to suffer through tmi, I automatically started this. Nonetheless, with the big help of google, I still enjoyed this book a lot.

This was set in Los Angeles in the modern day and the world of the shadowhunters continues to grow. I loved how this was associated with the faeries and how the magical elements in this book kept expanding. Come to think of it, I don't want the shadowhunter chronicles to end ever.

Although I'm not a big fan of long chapters, Cassie's writing style here didn't bore me. I felt the modern atmosphere of it in the world building.

“Everyone is more than one thing. We are more than single actions we undertake, whether they be good or evil.”

The family dynamic was so pure, sweet, and heartfelt. The family relationship of the Blackthorns gave me so much happiness. Plus Emma and Cristina who aren't Blackthorns by blood but they sure were part of the fam!

Emma Carstairs is a rebel, a warrior, a badass. I admire her for her strength and fierceness. She's also caring for her parabatai. It was so easy for me to love her.

Julian Blackthorn. Aaaackk my heart, Julian is a legit soft precious cinnamon roll. He did that, that, and that for his siblings. He's like the parent figure in the family. The pain in the end omg, I am literally melting for Julian Blackthorn.

I'm swooning over the romance aaah. Parabatai? Falling in love? Friends to Lovers? Oh yes count me in. The switching of the gender stereotype here was great, Julian's the mother type and Emma's the warrior type. My heart cheers and breaks for them. Love is truly ~something~ and no law can control their feelings.

“You'll fix me, because we're parabatai. We're forever.”

Ah, imagine having a parabatai in your life, always there through ups and downs. Jem and Will, Emma and Julian, I'm in love with their parabatai bonds.

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julian blackthorn can step on me

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BY THE ANGEL I LOVED THIS BOOK! Are you kidding me? This was amazing! This book was great, but then again, how could it not though it's Cassandra Clare we're talking about!

It was filled with action packed scenes, heartfelt scenes, and the wittiness of Cassie's characters that we love so much. My god that was a ride. It was heartbreaking but then it was beautiful and then I was on the edge of my seat and then I was on the verge of tears and then I laughed and then my heart ached and then I was scared for the characters ugh, I just love them Emma and Julian and Christina and Ty and Livvy and Dru and Tavvy and Mark and Kieran!
Nothing but respect for MY power couple Jem and Tessa! Then before my heart could process that, we saw more of the characters we love from the previous series like Jace and Clary, and Magnus and Alec and then... And then it was over.
And I loved every page of it
These characters are beautiful Cassie, I don't know how she does it but she did. And I love it. The forbidden love, the love, love of family and romantic love! Cassie really did well, I mentioned this in an update but she has created a set of great characters here.
Julian, I mean, Julian. I just want to sing to him Take a Break. I just want to wrap a blanket around him.

“In Emma’s mind, for years now, there had been two Julian’s. Julian before the attack, who was like everyone else- loving his family but annoyed by them too; a brother among brothers and sisters with whom he squabbled and argued and teased and laughed.
And Julian after. Julian, still a child, teaching himself how to feed and change a baby, cooking four different meals for four younger siblings who liked and disliked different things; Julian hiding his uncles sickness from a mass of adults who would have taken his children away from him; Julian waking up from screaming nightmares that something had happened to Ty or Livvy or Dru.”
You really feel for Julian, a kid forced to mature and take over to keep his family together.

Emma is a kickass queen, and I love her determination. She is feisty and strong, Cassie really kills it with her badass and fierce female leads.

Mark is literally amazing, I just love his character so much, at first he was scared confused, then he unraveled and we saw him as the Shadowhunter he is. And I love his character he too was witty and funny. He was the kind of person who fit into both worlds, he didn't want to leave his family but at the same time he didn't want to leave Kieran. And I want to hug him too he's been through some stuff while in the Hunt.

Mark is The Prisoner, “Arms crossed over his chest, hair as blond as straw, he wore a shirt that bore the design of spread wings. Each song sported and eye, one gold, one blue. A rope circled his ankle, trailing out of the frame.”

Ty is quite the complex character, he doesn't think as other Shadowhunters he has a different mindset and a different way of seeing things. Which isn't really accepted within Shadowhunters, that was their one flaw. Individuality. I'm excited to see more of Ty and see what becomes of his character.

Ty is The Genius, “The painting gave Emma a sense of fierce love, intelligence, and vulnerability mixed together.”

Livvy is another great character she's agile and she just wants Ty to be her Parabatai and she's protective of her twin. She's smart and brave.
Livvy is The Protector, “Emma felt a flash of admiration, love, a fear of loss, even- Julian would never speak of it, but she suspected he was watching Livvy and Ty become adults with more than a little terror.”

Dru is adorable and though she's insecure about herself and the youngest girl, I know Dru will grow to be even more amazing than she already is.
Dru is The Dreamer, “...with her head in a book.”

And Tavvy, Tavvy is the youngest blackthorn and he's cute always showing affection and such, and smart, I mean after all he found out about Lady Midnight.

Tavvy is The Innocent, “... Tavvy In his pajamas, sleepy head cradled in his hand. The colors were warm, affectionate, caressing."

(But I'll say this now, I'm a little scared for the Blackthorns more specifically Ty, Livvy, and Dru. But more so for the twins. There was just something that wasn't settling well as I read this book. For some reason I'm scared for the twins, I just have a feeling. And I hope it doesn't happen. Because who knows what would happen to Julian. And to the Blackthorns in general. And to us. I'm really really really hoping this doesn't happen. It started really when Julian drew his family in the tarot cards, and Emma said he'd described Livvy as brave among other things then Emma said something along the lines of 'fear of loss' which does refer to Julian's fear of Livvy and Ty growing up. But then again wouldn't have that been felt for all the kids? I mean there's a reason why it was said in Livvy's drawing. Was it directed to her? He knows Livvy's afraid of loosing Ty. I may be over-analyzing, but what exactly did that line mean?)

I LOVE the Blackthorns I LOVE Emma and Cristina and Perfect Diego I see you boy, I see you. And of course I LOVE the characters we already know. I'm ecstatic they're back and that we get to see more of them.
Tessa and Jem. I repeat Tessa and Jem! CAN WE TALK ABOUT MY HEART FOR A SECOND!?
And the lost Herondale is Kit, who's named Christopher! OH MY GOD.

Emma and Julian's relationship literally broke me to pieces then was mended back together and them my heart was brutally taken from my body and smashed...

And then Kieran and Mark. oh mY GOD! They had a beautiful relationship that was, well, beautiful. Until Kieran got jealous because Mark was hitting on Cristina. And he told on Mark. And then THAT SCENE HAPPENED! Julian decided to take the punishment for Mark and then Emma took it for Julian and I was like I'll take the punishment for Emma. Really that was a painful scene to read. Not just because of what was happening, but because I felt pity for Kieran, all he wanted was to bring Mark back to him, his intentions weren't ill, and I suppose that's why I felt bad.

Speaking of my broken heart. Any time we could see Julian when he was vulnerable like when he got mad at Mark because he made a mess in the kitchen, or when he had to control his feeling for Emma. MY HEART!
I love how Julian stood up for his family and took control, but at the same time it saddens me because this boy, this little boy had to take responsibility of four other kids. He had to grow up so fast, mature so quickly. He had to learn to be a parental figure all alone. And I respect him for that. And I love his character for that. Not only that but he reminds me of my own mother, who had to raise, like Julian, four sisters while her own mother was at work almost all day. It isn't completely like Julian's situation but she too had to take responsibility of four little girls. And learn to raise them, which is hard. Perhaps that's why scenes with Julian whether they were flashbacks or happening in the moment made me tear up. Because I could see the struggle and I could understand it and I know if my mom read this she would too.
One of the things that always made me emotional was whenever Julian would refer to the kids as "my kids," which they are. He said "Tavvy, my baby, is he okay?" And he said "My children" It just warms my heart.

Okay, Emma's parents. It's sad that Emma was so determined to find out what happened and she did. But they were just an experiment. A failed experiment. I feel badly for Emma she was living off that revenge that feeling that she had to uncover the truth because it wasn't Sebastian Morgenstern who killed them. And it wasn't. It was a person whom they trusted. Which in a way is worse, because, betrayal.

Cristina's character. I love her character, shes a great friend to the Blackthorns and Emma, she has a backstory which was developed nicely, and slowly. And we found out why she left her hometown. She lost "Her best friend and her best love," at once. But Jaime was the only one who was really bad, selfish, without compassion. But Diego, he really does love her. And we see that as the story progresses.

Malcolm. First of all holy crap I didn't see that coming. I liked Malcolm though we saw him here and there he was a good character when he was present. I was like yes Malcolm yes! And I never, ever thought he was the leader of the cult. And I personally sympathize with him, I mean the Blackthorns killed Annabel because she loved a warlock! I feel bad for him, and in a way I understand. But I have one question, for the spell to work did he HAVE to kill a blackthorn? Because as I understood it, and perhaps I passed the details, he had to shed blackthorn blood, not kill a blackthorn, right?
Maybe I'm being too sympathetic but, if Annabel did wake up as we know from the epilogue, where did the Blackthorn blood come from? Because Tavvy was saved before he was hurt, and Dru was also saved when she was threatened. And we never see any of the Blackthorns being near death or in need of a blood replacement rune? Except Perfect Diego who was injured but he's not a Blackthorn so like what? So we know Malcolm didn't need to kill one of them. And after Emma stabs Malcolm (I strongly believe he's not dead, I really do. He just got stabbed and thrown into the ocean. He's a warlock though so...) they go back to the institute, Julian is covered in blood. Were those from his injuries? Was it his blood? Now was it through his blood that Annabel awakened? If not whose blood was it? Was the spell close enough that she was able to wake up? Or was a single drop of blood enough to awaken her? There were six Blackthorn's there. I'm pretty sure one of them got at least a small cut. And did the blood have to be somewhere specific? Or just anywhere of the floor or the freaking wall. And if Malcolm knew this, then why would he dramatically try to kill Tavvy? If he needed Blackthorn blood and it took him literally ages to figure out the riddle, why try to kill he youngest Blackthorn when you know Julian is probably going to kill you in two seconds if you get your hands on his baby? I mean the rhyme said "First the flame and then the flood, in the end it's Blackthorn blood." NOT "First the flame and then the flood, in the end it's a dead Blackthorn baby!"
If he really wanted Annabel back without being too obvious, did he really need to make a big deal, instead of cutting his shirt and acting like he was going to stab him in the heart, couldn't he I don't know, prick his finger or something. After all the Blackthorns trusted him! (not that I wanted him to hurt Tavvy, just clarifying) Malcolm you don't need to kill a child! The riddle never said to kill a Blackthorn, it just said you needed blood! Though the amount was never specified, I highly doubt you needed an entire Blackthorn worth of blood because Annabel woke up and I have no idea how she did because the blood of a Blackthorn was never spilt! None of the six present Blackthorns died! Yet Annabel is woke.

After reading this book a second time, it really was fun to catch the foreshadowing sprinkled here and there.

Something I found just great, was how good old Emma and Jules decided to say a big "F you" to the law by having a make out sesh out in the alarmingly open beach, while holding their middle fingers up, and drinking the tears of the Clave out of a "World's Best Parabatai" mug.

Now for questions, theories, and guesses as to Lord of Shadows.

First and foremost, how will Emma and Julian get through their forbidden love situation?
Like, is there a way around it? Will they be allowed to be together? Can they somehow sever their parabatai bond? Has there ever been a case where parabatai have fallen in love and somehow gotten away with it, if so is their story hidden from Shadowhunters, does the Clave know at all?

Also Emma and Mark? No. Sorry. I would have seen Cristina and Mark, but Perfect Diego is here. And will Mark ever get back with Kieran? Will he ever forgive him? I dunno.
Okay also, can we talk about the romances in this book? There's Emma and Mark in a relationship, Julian loves Emma and she loves him, Kieran loves Mark and he did and probably has some lingering feelings, I don't think he could just drop all feelings like that, and Cristina might have feelings for Mark which he does indeed have for her, but Diego likes Cristina.
So what the hell is going to happen in this love, umm, situation. And we all know Emma doesn't love Mark that way and I fear that Mark might actually love her later on, like genuinely. But it's also possible he's like nope, which I personally hope for, I don't want him to get attached and hurt. And I don't want Emma to lie to herself, and just Jules *sigh* Mark thinks he's just helping Julian. But I also fear that this relationship will break Julian and Mark's relationship and that it will eventually affect all the Blackthorns. Because Julian was already jealous at Mark for A) being flirty with Emma. And even though I know it will hurt him he might try to suppress his feelings and be happy for them but he'll snap at some point. B) he already feels like Mark is the only one who can have fun with the kids, almost like he's trapped as being a father, and now Mark take the only other thing that was ever his alone, his Emma. Julian even said "I'm yours and you're mine, you've always been mine and I have always, always belonged to you." And now they won't belong to each other. I'm scared that will make Julian cold and distant to both Emma and Mark. Possibly affect the bond he and Emma have.

Okay quick update that worries me a lot. I was going back and looking at certain parts of Lady Midnight and wound up reading that part towards the end when Jem is explaining to Emma why parabatai aren't allowed to be in love, he says, "... They would destroy their families, and others they loved. Death would surround them until they died themselves."

Next thing, on the Lord of Shadows cover we see a little Julian floating on the right and... Yep that's London. So will the crew go to London for some reasons? Perhaps to look for the Black Volume of the Dead? (Yep) Who is the Lord of Shadows? Will Malcolm make a comeback, is he really not dead? And Lady Midnight- Annabel Blackthorn- will she be a threat at all? Will we see her in this book? Will something horrible happen? But like please no.

Okay so the jacket of Lord of Shadows has runes. Like Clockwork Princess had the family tree. And here are some runes that are worrying me, like Console? And Mark of Cain?! Also were most if not all of these runes created by Clary?

Also, like, listen to this: Page 377
*Ty holds knife against Kit's throat*
Kit: How beautiful
Me: ... waIT!

There are probably a lot of things I haven't mentioned, since I'm probably still gathering my thoughts. But all I really have to say is that this book was great. Cassie has managed to create another branch of adventure keeping true to the writing that is Cassie, creating an engaging story, that was just the right amounts of everything, mystery, romance, action, feels, laughs.
And I applaud her for continuing to write in her Shadowhunter universe through The Dark Artifices, And The Last Hours (which are soon to come, I'm super excited)
I know a lot of people have said that she should stop and branch out and to that I say... Nay! Let her write!
This book was a solid 4.5 stars.

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adventurous dark mysterious medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? N/A


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i don’t have a proper review because i don’t know proper grammar but i present you the tweets i wrote while rereading this shit for the 3rd time: (kinda spoiler-y)

1. “but nothing had prepared her for the feeling that the idea of jules wrenched out of her: that the sky would go dark forever, that that there would never be solid ground again.” yes i do believe in blackstairs supremacy why do you ask
2. “julian blackthorn thinking he hadn't really saved his brother at all because he still woke up crying with nightmares”….. i need to lie down
3. julian blackthorn hid his emotions because he couldn't let his siblings see that he was breaking because he was the thing that kept them together and kept them standing. if he fell apart even a little bit, all of them would. do NOT disrespect this man, i Will throw hands.

uh anyway they own my fucking ass and i’m in love with all of them.

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A fun dip back into the world of the Shadowhunters, this time exploring a mystery briefly introduced in [b:City of Heavenly Fire|8755785|City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)|Cassandra Clare||13629068]. Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn are five years older, and have been basically raising the brood of Blackthorn children we met at the LA Institute during Sebastian's war against the Shadowhunters. They are now parabatai, are forbidden from falling in love (see where this is going?), and are also forbidden from investigating or working with the Fae. Too bad they don't listen to any of it.

While quite long (a bit overlong in my opinion), this was really fun. It is your typical Clare-fare; lots of steamy will they or won't they, throbbing loins, deception, and good old battles. I enjoyed the majority of the new characters, and look forward to seeing how this whole parabatai thing plays out. At least it isn't incest this time.


I have to say, I was super happy Julian and Emma already slept together and that wasn't drawn out for a million pages. We already know that the rest of the trilogy will be a series of pining and lies to keep them apart, and I am interested to see how things go with Julian's brother Mark and Emma and their plan to "fake" fall in love but maybe not really fake? My biggest annoyance was the Annabel Lee plot line, as it felt it was a bit of a stretch, but okay. It was also fun to see our old favorites reappear, but I must have missed when Alec and Magnus adopted a kid (actually two). Must have been in the short stories?

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DNF at 36%

I'M SORRY. I tried, I really did. I've never been a fan of Cassandra Clare's writing but I wanted to give this one a try because you all seem to adore it to pieces. But I just can't read more. Something about her way of storytelling, the world she created and her writing just doesn't click with me. It doesn't get me hooked at all. I'm just... bored. I don't care. That doesn't mean it's bad. It's just not for me. Which is sad. Because I wanted to love it with all you guys. But alas, it wasn't meant to be.

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Before talking about The Lady Midnight, I should definitely give some views on other Shadowhunters books which I have read(Every single book). I really loved and lived the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Even I love Sebastian Morgenstern(don’t get angry). I read the whole series few months back, so I never have to wait for next book in the series. Woah! But I need Lord of Shadows right now!!

Lady Midnight, I got my own copy(Yipeeeee!). For few days, I just swooned over the gorgeous book. Then started to read it and immediately liked it. When I read The Mortal Instruments, there came Blackthorn and Carstairs family. I got confused with their names in Blackthorn family. So, I thought what would it be in the Lady Midnight. What if I can’t recognize their names, or would it be boring. But the complete opposite have taken place. I devoured each and every page, I lived with every character and came to know about them a lot. I should really tell this, in Cassandra’s books there will be multiple perspectives, so we could see their feelings, emotions and all. I really loved that thing about her.

Emma Carstairs, a determined shadowhunter and Julian Blackthorn a responsible shadowhunter, they have entered our life so easily, without waiting for our consent. When they showed their longings, I could feel their emotions. Every time, they are sad I became depressed. They really have changed since their childhood.

The book brings all my emotions from me. Betrayal,anger,fear,longing,love,shock,anxiety.I wept over the book. Definitely, I loved this one more than other shadowhunter series.

The Lady Midnight-> Outstanding