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In my teen years I was a huge Alice Cooper fan. Weeks on end his music was the only one I would listen to. When I first saw him on stage I cried and almost got into a physical fight with someone from the crowd over an item that was thrown from the stage. Needless to say, when I saw this graphic novel I was beyond thrilled, but unfortunately it fell a bit short.

The story follows Alice Cooper, Lord of Nightmares, trying to get out of a music contract he signed accidentally that is affecting the nightmare world and his music. While there are references and Easter eggs for fans, the story itself is not very memorable. Neither is the art, which unfortunately does not resemble the art style of the cover at all. I would maybe recommend this to Alice Cooper fans, with the mention that they shouldn't have their hopes too high. I don't think people that are not fans of Alice Cooper's music or stage persona would get much out of it though.