Pirate's Alley, by Suzanne Johnson

gilwen's review

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Un excellent tome, très porté sur le développement des personnages et les intrigues politiques. Bien moins d'action que dans les volumes précédents et pas d'enquête à proprement parler, mais ce n'est pas pour autant que son rythme est lent. Il se passe énormément de choses dans cet opus, sans temps mort, et la saga y gagne une belle profondeur.

eloiseinparis's review

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I'd give this book 2.5 stars if it was an option. I was really disappointed because I love this series, but this book fell into the typical nonsense traps you find in many UF series. I really didn't like DJ in this book and Eugenie's surprise pregnancy annoyed me. Eugenie said they always used protection and the Elf birthrate is really low, so why was no one questioning the odd turn of events. Also Rand is a jerk, but he is the child's father and the only person who they knew to ask about Elf gestation. So why Eugenie spent the entire book running from him made no sense. Why not placate him throughout the pregnancy to make sure a healthy child was born? And then at the end the implication was the Eugenie was crushing on another prete guy. Like really? She is already knocked up by one guy who was just using her to get close to DJ. She's a regular human with no political pull, odds are this new guy would use her too. Why not chill out on the man candy and focus on figuring out how to raise a magical baby when you just found out magic is real.

DJ spent most of the book bashing Alex. Supposedly he's to black and white and doesn't know how to operate in the grey area's she thrives in. All I could think was what a load of crap. DJ wasn't grey, she was doing things she knew was wrong because it meant helping Jeanne Lafitte. The man is a pirate, and he is a thief and murderer by trade. I'm not saying Alex was always right, but being the one who follow rules that were put in place for a reason doesn't make him a moron. And it was because he usually does the "right" thing that saved DJ's butt more than once, because he didn't have to spend time lying and hiding from the authorities like others.

The ending did leave me hopeful. DJ seemed to realize she doesn't nearly have things and people as figured out as she thought she did. So hopefully in the next book she gets her mojo back. I also hope in the next book Hurricane Katrina isn't mentioned every 5th page (its the fourth book, we get it already). It was a bit of a cliffhanger, but it was okay to me because most of the issues in this story were resolved so in the next book a major change in DJ's life and new villains will fill the pages.