As the Crow Flies by Karen F. Williams

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I have to admit, I expected a little more paranormal from this book but it was still a very enjoyable read.

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What a fantastic read! As the Crow Flies was everything I hoped for. Author Karen F. Williams delights with a fantastic urban fantasy novel and takes plenty of time to flesh out not one but two yummy romances. And it all starts with a crow bookend.

As soon as novelist Samantha Weller meets beautiful professor Gwen Laraway she’s instantly smitten with this woman. The attraction seems mutual but Gwen (who is about 15 years her senior) thinks she is too old for Sam and is extremely reluctant to let it go beyond friend level. That will prove to be very hard as Sam is persistently wooing her.

The other blossoming romance is between Sam’s young sister in law Liz who’s a bit of a player and Gwen’s niece Isabel, the eternal virgin. I think there was a nice contrast between both romances because there were different things at stake. All four main characters were very likeable.

So while this romance times two is nicely developing we are in the midst of some very interesting goings on with a ghost, a pet crow and a couple of loveable dogs. The author gives us something to put out teeth in and there was never a dull moment as the plot moves along. Intelligent writing is such a turn on so I can only highly recommend you read this.

f/f explicit but tastefully done

Themes: to marry a bookend, impressive collections, pet crow Bertha, age difference, ghost activity galore, wealthy heiress, fast cars, a suspicious house keeper, twin flames, lots of interesting tidbits to absorb, sweet romance.

5 stars

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dark mysterious reflective slow-paced