The Companion of Lady Holmeshire, by Debra Brown

larisa2021's review against another edition

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2.5 stars
If classified as a teen or young adult HRF book this would be a 3-3.5 star rating. The difference is more about where I am in life than the author's far fiction can stretch within a genre and still remain plausible. This is a very traditional style book with no sex and most of the proprieties observed until the very end.

All but one of the multiple tropes used work well, with a kind and engaging heroine; a solid supporting cast, including just enough details of the clothing, homes and coaches. The combination sets solid scene without dragging the flow in miscellany.

The ending disclosure about Nicky where the book jumped the shark for me. It is one too many twists and greatly detracts from the main trope. Deleting his entire subplot from the book would tighten the focus and impact of the ending. Creating a solid 4 star piece.

Given that one issue I look forward to reading Ms. Brown's next book, to see how she evolves as a story teller.