Reviews for Eternal Vow, by Susanne Valenti, Caroline Peckham

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5/5 Stars

"I'm caught between two powerful enemies in an ancient war. And I love people on both sides"

Montana and Callie have finally reunited but are pulled in opposing directions by the binds that tie them. Montana yearns for the man she might not ever see again whereas Callie is trapped between who heart wants and the bloodsucker she is bound to. Tension builds as the slayers and the vampires are being compelled to collide by the gods with centries age-old hatred burning within.

⤷ Erick and Montana like always are my favorite parts of these books. Even though we didn't get to read enough of them in this one, they were beautiful as always.

⤷ To be honest, I have not been the biggest fan of Magnar! Especially in this book, he really annoyed me, which is one of the reasons why I don't ship him and Callie that much. But let's see how things go with him in the next two books!

⤷ I love Callie as a character but yet again she also low key annoyed me in this book. Only because of her behavior towards the vampires, like Erick, which is completely understandable but at times I felt like screaming!

⤷ OMG, I love love love love love love love Julius! One of the best characters in these books and definitely the better brother!

⤷ AHHH THAT ENDING!!!! The cliffhangers just get more tense and stressful as the books continue and it's killing me slowly!

"Even in death I'll love him more profoundly than you could ever love anything"

These books have become my favorite series so far this year! Once again read this whole book in one whole sitting, it's impossible to stop!

Thank you, Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, for providing a copy of this book for an honest review! :)