The Corn Witch, by Christopher Beck

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3.5! My first Short, Sharp, Shocks of the year! There will be plenty more. I discovered these short horror stories published by DEMAIN just last year and there are so many of them! After enjoying several, I can attest to their reliable quality.

This is my first time reading Christopher Beck’s work. The storytelling has an easy, simple style with a punchy hook right away. THE CORN WITCH is such a delicious, promising title and it delivers, for the most part. I like the set up—Mom & Dad move to a new place. They’re horny and distracted-so their young son Pete immediately finds himself in a vulnerable position.
The Corn Witch is scary at first but once she physically makes an appearance, she became significantly less so—sometimes that happens when a physical description falls short of how the reader was already picturing something a certain way. I quickly recovered, however, and I liked how the rest of the story played out—the ending was a bit predictable. I enjoyed this short story and would definitely try more by this author.