Book of Thunder, by John Peel

gizmofox's review

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I randomly picked this book up at Best Buy back in the 90's, either not realizing or not caring that it was the fourth book in a series. It had a unicorn on the cover, and as a horse crazy ten-year-old girl, that was enough for me. I read it as soon as I got home and quickly lent it out to my equally horse obsessed friends. From then on, Thunder, the lead unicorn, and Tychus, the villain, became recurring characters in our games of make-believe.

Over twenty years have passed since then. I don't remember much about the story, but I will never forget this book and imagination it sparked in me and my friends.

jljaina's review

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This one I feel had the best adversary so far in the series for the three to face. I hated how Thunder loses his herd through trickery and cheating! How infuriating! Especially to those who knew the truth. Unicorn laws are pretty absolute in this book and about drove me nuts, right along with Score and Helaine. I felt Pixel handled it the most level-headedly of the group. It is interesting to watch the dynamics between the three shift. Especially now that Pixel knows he likes Helaine. Girl you got boy trouble ahead! And that ending....well eager for the next book now!