On Rereading, by Patricia Meyer Spacks

emilyharris16f23's review

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I loved the thesis of this book, and I do love a professional saying rereading is good for you! I also really enjoyed the authors personal stories about encountering books for either the first time or her following rereads. What I think lowered my enjoyment/intererst was that I hadn't read many of the books referenced throughout. Since the author spends significant time doing literary analysis of the books she's reading, those sections felt tedious to me since she talked mostly about books I've never read, or sometimes never heard of.

cleverbaggins's review

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This is the last of the literary theory type books I'm trying for now and its just as disappointing ( but at least not as insulting) as the last few. The writing is dry and boring and honestly it seems like she doesn't have anything new to say at all. She's somewhat dismissive of younger readers (like her students) and had no clue about some major titles.

Now, I don't believe that everyone has to have read or heard of anything but if you love books and want to write about books (and god forbid are teaching books) I expect you to be at least a little up to date on books.

So no, this book wasn't for me at all.