Tiopa Ki Lakota, by D. Jordan Redhawk

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5 Stars - I am on a roll! Loved this one too.

I am a sucker for historical romance. This one is a little different as it takes place among the Lakota in the late 1700s. I really enjoyed learning about Anpo and her way of life. How cool would it be if european culture revered two-spirited people like the first nations people do. While there were a few tough bits to get though (nothing is graphically explained by you know Kathleen has a very rough time with the first Indians that capture her), once our MCs meet its a pretty mellow ride until the angst. Ugh... My heart was breaking for them both, but it all turns out ok in the end.

Highly recommend for fans of slow burn soul mates and historical romance with First Nations history and culture. I will definitively be reading this one again.

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Very, very good. I read the online version and enjoyed it thoroughly. Will read it again.

This was featured on episode 10 of Cocktail Hour.


8/30/12 - I'm starting the published version today.

I freaking love this book. I'd go 4.5. Really. I do love it. I'm rereading the online version again now.

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One of my favorite lesfic books