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I'm Afraid of Men, by Vivek Shraya

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challenging informative reflective tense fast-paced


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challenging emotional reflective medium-paced
This is a super short but powerful read, and I’d urge you to read it if you have an hour to spare!

In it, Shraya exposes just how much of her time and energy is spent each day ensuring she won’t attract unwanted attention from men. Things men take for granted are a minefield for women, and as a trans woman of colour, Vivek feels this pressure even more keenly than many.

I loved the discussion around boundaries in queer spaces, drawn for Vivek’s comfort and safety yet looked down upon for being ‘unqueer’ since queerness is generally associated with being liberated from any and all boundaries. 

Shraya also comments on how sensationalism is too often the gateway to changing opinions and increased willingness to listen and learn. Folk attending her workshops on anti-transphobia and anti-homophobia were only really willing to confront their biases after hearing the most shocking stories and most horrific ways trans and queer folk had been victimised. This shouldn’t be necessary and is extremely harmful. 

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