Astonishing X-Men, Volume 10: Northstar, by Mike Perkins, Marjorie M. Liu

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OH GOD Marjorie Liu will you please write X-Men always?! I loved everything about this. Especially Jubilee and X-23 watching the wedding from a tree. CUTE but also made me mad again that X-23's solo series got canceled. But whatever, now Marjorie Liu can write this! Yay!

Also the vintage comic at the end with Northstar's coming out is BONKERS. Highly recommended. The plot hinges around Northstar adopting an AIDS baby and it's VERY 1992 melodramatic. But also groundbreaking and cool. In an afterschool special way. With superpowers. So, best.

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First of all crazy props to Marvel for having a gay wedding of one of its heroes long before it was the law across the land. That alone makes this collection historical. Additionally, Liu writing and character development here are perfectly draw out the chemistry and challenges of Northstar's relationship to his partner Kyle really far better than she does the super conflicts in this story. I'm dinging this collection for the art which, wedding aside, makes the story hard to follow and through the main conflict I never had a sense of where things were happening or scale or who was involved.

A bonus to this collection is Alpha Flight #106. The landmark issue where Northstar comes out as gay. The story is dated and so...Canadian. The bad guy is more of an emotional open wound as a father, and naturally former Canadian super hero, who lost his son to AIDS and it feels a little after school specially rather than revolutionary but it was probably the best Marvel thought they could get away with in 1992.

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Buzzword Readathon #2

Okay so objectively this is a 3-star read but I legitimately started crying at the end so it's getting bumped up.

You would be correct in assuming that I haven't read the previous nine volumes of Astonishing X-Men, and frankly it's pretty unlikely I ever will. I'm just here for Northstar and Kyle's wedding, and oh boy did that deliver. The romance was great the whole way through, which unfortunately was a detriment on the plot sometimes but not so much that it was distracting. It's also just nice to see a bunch of superheroes gathering for a happy occasion, something which happens almost never for more than a page.

Rogue wondering whether her mother's would have wanted to get married was what initially made me start to get a little teary, but then just seeing two male superheroes getting married really pushed me over the edge. The ending is a cliffhanger setting up the next volume that I'm almost 100% sure I won't be reading.

This is my first Marjorie M. Liu comic and it makes me very excited to read more of her work in the future. I also really enjoyed the art style. There were a few panels in issue 49 that genuinely took my breath away with how beautiful they are. While this comic is fairly lightweight in terms of plot, it is by no means disposable and is still an enjoyable read.

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marjorie liu's run on astonishing x-men is the quintessential non-claremont run imo, just because every character is likable and well written and it is About Family. also it's an extremely gay lineup (northstar & karma, retroactively iceman, implied warbird, and no one can tell me gambit is not bisexual)