Reviews for A Christmas Homecoming, by Anne Perry

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A sweet little buttonhole of a book -- not because it did anything spectacular, but because it never forgot what it was supposed to do. Moves a nice clip, good combination of thrilling and seasonally cozy (lots of blizzarding). Would have liked to see more eating and drinking, but I can say that about most books. Won't change your life, but a nice way to spend an afternoon.

leighannsherwin's review

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Reading the description of the book made me think this would be my favourite of Anne Perry's Christmas books. I've read all but I think one or two now and enjoyed all of them except A Christmas Odyssey which was too dark to be a holiday story. But anyway this book appealed to me, sounding like a good old fashion Agatha Christie type story, a group of people snowed in at a grand estate in the country, a mysterious stranger, it sounded like a winner to me. Except that it was over a hundred pages before anything happened. Before that it was all about the story of Dracula, how to turn a book into a play. While somewhat interesting, it wasn't what I had hoped it would be. Then Caroline trips over a body in the middle of the night and it appears we have a story. But because the murder didn't happen until over half way in the book, the rest of the story was rushed along and there were no hints, no clues for readers to pick up on. I did like the story, but I was disappointed. It certainly wasn't what I had hoped it would be.

wyrmbergsabrina's review

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Another not quite what you're expecting murder mystery from Anne Perry.
When the actual body doesn't turn up until quiet a way in, you know the solution will be a simple one. But once again, it's not about the murder mystery, it's about deeper questions, and character moments, and I rather liked it.
Again, if you want an actual proper mystery, plump for Agatha Christie. If you want a thinking session, try this.

museoffire's review

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So this is one in a seemingly neverending series of entries in the Anne Perry Christmas mystery collection. For those of you unaware this is a cash gra- ahem series of novella length stories featuring the secondary characters from her Pitt and Monk series finding love and/or solving little baby mysteries of their own.

In this one Caroline Fielding (Charlotte Pitt's mother) and her Jewish actor second husband Joshua have brought their theater company to Whitby to perform the newly written play of their patron's daughter for Christmas. The play is an adaptation of that beloved Christmas classic "Dracula."

No one is murdered until about 3/4 of the way through and the solution arises from Caroline and Joshua "realizing" something the reader has absolutely zero way of knowing that has no connection to anything you've read up to that point.

Until then it's a lot of lofty discussions about the nature of evil, how being in the theater is hard, whether or not woman should choose their own paths in life or stay in the kitchen where they belong and everything ends on a weird, existential cliffhanger.

That and I can never seem to get around the fact that the author is a pretty unrepentant murderer.

crazytourists_books's review

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Seriously? A detective book of 154 pages and the crime happens at page 92? Really? It was kind of disappointing having to wait that long for something to happen, and then the culprit was found in a few pages, in a not so believable way, no explanation was given, situations remained unanswered. The only positive of this book is that it is well written, vivid and looked after and really does take you back to the covered with snow Witby of Christmas 1897.

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