Merry Fuckin' Christmas and Other Yuletide Shit by Kevin J. Kennedy

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adventurous dark medium-paced


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dark funny mysterious fast-paced


What even was this 😢

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adventurous challenging dark funny mysterious tense fast-paced


If Christmas isn't your thing, or there's no jolly in your holly (sorry!) then this is a book for you! A collection of short stories that show a completely different perspective on the holiday season. Good fun!

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challenging dark mysterious tense fast-paced


Grabbed this one/was drawn in 100% for the title. Keeping my Christmas horror streak going too is a plus. 

This is a gruesome and no holds barred collection. The author takes you through a murder-fueled nightmare and does not slow down for a second. As the blurb claims, this really is a multi-sub genre horror collection, with varying lengths that made it go by pretty easily. 

My personal favorite was the self titled story. A man loses his family to a drunk driver accident. Now, this Christmas, he’s out for revenge, and he’s taking more with him than you think. Out at all the revenge stories I’ve read, this one definitely had me feeling for the guy. It’s kind of strange that revenge stories in fantasy have you rooting for them, but this being in the real world still felt wrong. Maybe it’s just how extreme it was. 

Personally a 3/5* for me. Great horror Christmas cheer. 

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Thanks to Kevin J. Kennedy for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I'm always excited when I see a book by Kevin J. Kennedy on my list. I just know I'll be in for some great horror stories stories. This book had some of the stories that were in Kennedy's earlier Christmas Horror Short Story books. So I was revisiting some of my favorites! At least two of the stories were ones that I remembered I read before. Maybe there are more, but I've read so many stories and short stories over the year, that I'm surprised I recognized two!

Full review can be found at BiteIntoBooks

I had a blast reading this book. Everybody: Merry Christmas!

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dark fast-paced


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Merry Fuckin’ Christmas and Other Yuletide Shit by Kevin J. Kennedy is a collection of horror Christmas shorts that you need to go get ASAP.

Whether you’re feeling jolly this season or not, this collection will sure spice things up!

Full disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my rating in any way. I also purchased a copy!

Per usual with these types of collections, here are my rating breakdowns for each story along with some immediate thoughts/reactions.

I was so excited to see some familiar tales in here. It was great returning to them again!

Christmas in Hell – 5/5
I love this tale so much. It hits on all the grumpy feelings I have from time to time about the holidays and how out of control things have gotten. I love the path this story takes and that ending!!

Sisterly Love – 5/5
Yikes!!! The matching outfits… Sheesh.

Merry Fuckin’ Christmas – 5/5
This story gets me every time I read it!! I love that when it begins, you think all is well. Soon you realize something is wrong, but you’ll never guess what is about to happen next. What a heartbreaking story with a killer ending!

Christmas on the Streets – 5/5
Yikes! What a spooky one! You better watch out…

One Shift Too Many – 5/5

The Christmas Surprise – 4/5
As this one had a sexual theme, it wasn’t my favorite since that’s just not my jam. But oh my gosh, this one had me giggling at first. Of course this woman’s curiosity got the better of her! Beware mysterious gifts!!

Down the Bizarro Watering Hole – 5/5
I love this one so much! While this tale was certainly a bit bizarre, it also has plenty of horror in a very real world sense, then concludes with a heartwarming bit. What a great way to end the collection!

My Final Thoughts
This is such a fun and dark collection of great tales that I will definitely be returning to during the Christmas season for years to come!