Mind Bullet by Jeremy Robinson

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It was entertaining. I just was not a fan of how it ended. It seemed so . . . out of the flow with the entire book and how it was setup.

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This was really good. I kept thinking it reminded me of another book I read recently. I now realize that book was Tribe which is apparently set in the same universe.

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Great story. I'm excited to see how Robinson starts tying all of his stories together in later books. This was a fun story in a lot of ways. You wouldn't think that an assasin story would be fun, but there's a lot of humor.

Robinson includes a super intelligent AI (Bubbles) in this story and makes a nod toward the best AI in recent books (Skippy the magnificent!) when Bubbles says, "I'm not a Beer can."

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Assassin's secret weapon: deadly mind bullets and a side of snarky AI humor

Book Information

Mind Bullet, written by Jeremy Robinson, was published on November 21, 2021. The book spans 441 pages and is also available in audiobook format, narrated by R.C. Bray with a running time of 11 hours and 42 minutes. The book is part of Robinson's Infinite Timeline, a universe of overlapping stories that are interconnected. Although Mind Bullet is a stand-alone novel, it is likely that its themes and characters will play a role in future books within the same universe.


Meet Jonas - an assassin with a deadly psychic ability called "Mind Bullet" that kills his targets instantly. Only his sarcastic AI companion, Bubbles, is privy to the cause of death.

In search of companionship, Bubbles arranges for Jonas to meet Madee, a Thai delivery woman who also happens to be a thief. But their budding relationship is cut short when Madee's past catches up with her in the form of the dangerous Shrieking Ninjas.

Things quickly escalate as a ten-million-dollar bounty is placed on Jonas's head. Together with Madee, he faces assassins from all corners of the globe, unraveling the surreal origins of his abilities and a dark history that threatens his sanity. With the help of Bubbles and other allies, Jonas battles to protect the world from himself and a new weapon of mass destruction.

My Thoughts

One word—Fun!

Mind Bullet is an exhilarating and entertaining page-turner! The non-stop action will keep you on the edge of your seat. The imaginative villains will entertain you. Whether being attacked by ninjas, nuns, cowboys, or a host of other threats, the vivid prose will make you feel like you are part of the action. Plus, the humor sprinkled throughout the book will make you chuckle.

One of the highlights of the book is the relationship between Jonas and Bubbles. Although this type of pairing isn't new to Robinson's writing, he executes it brilliantly in Mind Bullet, making it work as both a buddy comedy and thriller.

If you are looking for solid, reality-based literature---a book about a physic killer with a smart-mouthed AI and a Thai food delivery woman who kicks off the story by squaring off against a group called The Shrieking Ninjas may not be your best pick. But if you want a fun, adrenaline-filled read that will make you laugh…Mind Bullet is a great choice.

I strongly recommend listening to the audible version narrated by the incredibly talented RC Bray. It’s hard to imagine a story better tailored to his voice talent. As each villain is introduced—Bray drops into a video game or movie trailer voice to call out their name. He manages lots of characters and lots of accents--all perfectly for the story. It’s an enjoyable listening experience.


Don't miss out on Mind Bullet - a hilarious and thrilling read. Highly recommended.


4 Telekinetic Stars

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Love how all the stories are starting to weave together.

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I enjoyed this low fantasy thriller. The idea of an over-powered protagonist has been done to death, but in this case, it turns out he's not OP, in fact, he has been nerfed. When he comes up against his true peers Jonas learns he's majorly outclassed. That's a fun premise.

The A.I. companion, Bubbles, was a hoot. I liked all of the companions and their flirtatious banter. Robinson does good dialogue.

Sadly, I wasn't a fan of the story's resolution. The reader's suspension of belief was already strained without the addition of a heavenly dimension. Some will like it, others... not so much.

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RC Bray makes this audiobook a fun, actikn-packed thriller.

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Avengers Level Event 2 Imminent! This book adds yet another compelling - and, by the end, truly powerful - character to the "Robinsonverse" being crafted by The Modern Day Master Of Science Fiction, Jeremy Robinson. We open up with an action packed scene showing off this character's particular power in an awesome action scene, and we quickly get into an almost Scott Pilgrim vs The World vibe with a wide range of bad guys coming after our hero. We also get the clearest indications yet that the "Avengers Level Event 2" second crossover novel within the Robinsonverse is imminent, as certain characters appear near the 2/3 mark of the tale rather than just in the epilogue as is more normal in a Robinson book. And yes, we *also* get *another* cameo in the "after credits scene" epilogue. Truly an awesome scifi action tale, one with quite a bit of hilarity and a surprising amount of heart... and a surprising amount of F-bombs for an author not generally known for dropping them so casually. Very much recommended.

Update: After I wrote this review, Robinson officially announced his plans for what I call "Avengers Level Event 2"...

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I enjoyed this book but I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more had I not just read a couple of books that absolutely hit it out of the park. This book has a fun sassy AI and while its a good character, Compared to Skippy in Columbus Day by Craig Alanson its not as good. That's not really fair to this book since it was the book I read immediately before this one. and I have started the sequel so I have that extremely fresh in my mind. Skippy is the very best sassy AI I have ever read.

There were some things in this that I thought were fantastic, a few things I did not care for but overall I am glad that I read it. Its my first Jeremy Robinson book and it sounds like I will see many of these characters in his other books. The thriller aspect of the book was really good, there was a nice mystery about his parents and so overall it was a very enjoyable book.


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adventurous funny lighthearted mysterious fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes