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lighthearted mysterious slow-paced


This short story collection was such a nice surprise. I’m always hesitant going into short story collections but they fear was unfounded with this one. As soon as I read the first story I knew that I was holding a gem in my hands. With each story I kept saying to myself, “okay this one is my favourite because it just can’t get better than this!” But then it did keep getting better with each story and I can’t pick a favourite because they’re all great and there’s literally 365 to pick from! The reason why I had to dock a star was and not give it a full 5 is because obviously in a collection this size there are some duds and some pretty awful stories too. It’s bound to happen with 365 stories bound in one collection! But on the whole the stories are really fun and some are even quite hilarious. This is a fun one not only for adults but for younger readers too, the scares are fairly mild and it’s more of a humorous horror deal than a scary horror deal. Special shout out to the best friend ever, Jess for not only finding I book I didn’t already own but that wasn’t on my radar at all and that I never would have known about otherwise! 

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It was alright. There were some really good stories, some really stupid stories, but the majority were just ok.