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The Argonauts, by Maggie Nelson

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challenging emotional reflective slow-paced


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emotional reflective fast-paced


Right off the bat, I enjoyed this very much. The poetic writing style was engaging and I found the stream of consciousness narrative easy to follow. The analysis of Self was very interesting and inspired further thought. There was a bit about a third of the way in that went a little too deep into theory and lost me for a bit, but the recovery afterward was wonderful.

While this is a book I think straights should read, I find myself reluctant to recommend it to anyone not queer, and the text itself explains why: "...the butch characters would call each other 'he' and 'him,' but in the outer world of grocery stores and authority figures, people would call them "she" and "her." The point wasn't that if the outer world were schooled appropriately re: the characters' preferred pronouns, everything would be right as rain. Because if the outsiders called the characters "he," it would be a different kind of he" (pg 8).

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