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The Argonauts, by Maggie Nelson

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goose_friends's review

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I really liked this. I really like this as a first foray into this genre - critical theory is so boring on its own, but paired with the life of Maggie Nelson and her family, it was so captivating. Her writing is gorgeous, and she ties things together in such a seamless manner. I will say it definitely turned me off a bit from giving birth, but I thought the honesty with which she talked about the whole experience was refreshing in its rawness. It was so singular and spectacular. 

I'm very excited to read more from her, and to re-read this guy to get a fuller understanding of it. It's definitely a book that you could read many times over and dedicate a lot of time and reflection to. Reading this almost makes me want to write essays again. 

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mallory10100's review against another edition

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emotional informative lighthearted reflective medium-paced


poetic, LGBTQ, memoir 

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