Sounds of Deceit, by Hannah Heath

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This was awesome. Painful in parts. But what an alive story. I want to see where Ailith goes and does. The characters in this series are unique, in more ways than one. Keep writing.

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As always with Hannah Heath's writing, the worldbuilding and characters in this story were spectacular. A kick-butt main character, awesome sibling dynamics, and a further dive into the world of The Shard make this story an instant favorite.

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Stunningly unique and original, full of great lines and complex characters. The magic system that Heath has created is utterly intriguing.

I found it a bit more difficult to orient myself to the worldbuilding and character backstories in this one, than in Heath's other stories. I also struggled a bit with the story as a whole: the arc was a bit muddied.

But overall I enjoyed it and it is an intriguing addition to The Terebinth Tree Chronicles.