Reviews for The Sleepwalker, by R.L. Stine

roxiethebookslayer's review

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As I read the sixth book in the Fear Street series, I wondered if Stine came up with a formula to make a suspenseful YA story and just fills in the details. This of course doesn't matter to me since the formula works.

In The Sleepwalker, Mayra sleepwalks, obviously. This is condition comes on suddenly and worsens as the story goes on. She realizes that the sleepwalking starts when she begins her care taking job on Fear Street. Half convinced her employer is a witch, she investigates. In a time when pagan/wiccan religion among teens was gaining popularity, Stine paints witchcraft as evil. As a pagan adult, I find this crappy, however, I have to remember the time this was published and excuse some ignorance of the author.

As with most of Stine's previous stories, we have teenage romance that mirrors some forms of toxicity, however, mostly accurate. I seemed to find myself thinking of the Roxie of 92 and how she would have responded to situations with the wisdom of a 11 year old.

I enjoyed this story as a whole. Broken into pieces, its trash, especially for an adult, but as I stated before, these reads are for the nostalgia I feel with them, not the complexity and quality of the writing.

li3an1na4's review

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Outlandish even for a Fear Street book. After 2 or 3 instances of her sleepwalking into a lake, Mayra's mom didn't think it was necessary to change things up in the house? Add a cast of creepy boyfriends and lackluster characters. RL Stine definitely throws in some twists and new information at the end that makes the book pretty unguessable.