Elves, Vol. 1, Volume 1, by Nicolas Jarry, Jean-Luc Istin

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Rating: 3,5/5

Wow, this were a roller coaster ride of emotions reading this graphic novel. At first were I really intrigued by it. I loved the story, the beautiful artwork and it had ELVES in it, hence the title. But then the story got a little confusing and it jumped all around. It made it harder for me to continue it and i even had to lay it down for a couple of days. I then finally finished the first part and made it to the second part. This part of the graphic novel was much easier to read and you feel more for the characters. I even started crying something happened near the end. It's one of the reasons i pushed the rating up a little.

The artwork in this graphic novel was really beautiful. But sometimes it was a little too much and i felt that there were too much in the picture.

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I expected the gore, but not the uplifting stories. The first was almost like a detective story, the second more like an ancient legend. Quite lovely. I'd defintely read more. Oh, and of course I ship Turin and Lanawyn now, so I hope there are more volumes.

melaniebopp's review

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Visually, this is just stunning, the end.

In terms of the story, though, it's a bit meh. It's a good story, but it wasn't terribly gripping. I think a large part of it is you start with the very little background, in the middle of the story with characters that I just didn't feel for. Maybe I just need to read it again. Either way, the art is lovely, and a second read is definitely not a chore!

mariusgp93's review

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This was awesome! The last part redeemed this and really made it a 5 star read! Needs vol 2. now!