Reviews for Missing, by R.L. Stine

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i loved this book.

roxiethebookslayer's review

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We got our first real time murder!

This 4th in the Fear Street series went a step further and gave us its first real time murder (that was real *wink*). The suspense was great and it had a great little twist at the end.

Brother and sister, Mark and Cara, come home from school to an empty house. Mom and Dad, addicted to work, have worked late before, but they always called. But the phone is out. Well that explains why they didn't call and they go to bed. The next morning, their parents are still not home. They talk to their weird cousin, Roger, but all he does is creep them out from his tiny attic room.

Mark and Cara travel to their parents' job (2 cities over) and are told they don't work at Cranford Industries, like their parents' said.
"There's no one named Burroughs working here. There never has been."
Detective Farraday seems to come at perfect timing. He "helps" the teens look for their parents. Meanwhile, Gena breaks up with Mark. Little white monkey skulls with yellow rhinestones in the eye sockets are everywhere. Where the hell are their parents?

Ovedrall, I really enjoyed this one.

li3an1na4's review

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Well that was a "what?" ending. Definitely a book that had me guessing the entire time.

superspecs's review

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This is one of the better Fear Street novels. There's a real mystery that had me turning the page trying to figure out what was next. Combine that with fairly interesting characters and you have a fun, quick little thriller.