Silver Scars by Posy Roberts

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I really enjoyed this book.. two men who have scars, both physical and mental come together to form a relationship based on mutual respect, love and understanding. I would love to see Finn get a story of his own story because he seemed like such a great friend.

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It was okay but not more than that. Too bad because I really love the other stories by Posy Roberts. But for me this story was too lang. The story was nice and okay, but there weren't any blow-ups and break-ups and not that that is necessary but now the story was too long to keep entertaining me. But because I really liked the MC's I can't give it less than three stars.

“You used to think your scars were your kryptonite. To me they’ve always made you seem like a superhero.”

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I decided to start my reading year with an M/M romance, because I have a soft spot for them and I haven't read one in a while. And, lucky me, picked one that I completely disliked.

In a non-spoilery way, this was what I hate about M/M romances and any kind of romance books in general: insta-love or insta/liking (and people getting gorrillas in their stomach after they just saw 'the one' or the man/woman they suddenly want to sleep with or have a relationship), plain and uni-dimensional characters, whose names I already forgot, no emotions or feelings. I didn't get the feeling that these men where attracted to each other and in my opinion they just wanted to fuck each other just because they were both scared physically and mentally, due to an accident, and no one else was there to fill the spot.

SpoilerPlus let's be honest, who gets a job today and meets his/her colleagues and sees a cute one, and the second or third day, they already have dinner, swim almost naked and have sex?
Or is just my mind who can't comprehend that?

I have nothing against sex and people can do it even they just have met, but I have to feel that connection, attraction or how you wanna call it. I wanted to care for these characters who are not physically perfect and so on, and I wanted them to be happy, but I couldn't care less. YES, I would've enjoyed the book if the characters would've beeen more fleshed out and individualized, if the plot would've been more engaging, as cliche as it was, if I would've felt something about something. I would've have accepted the insta feelings and sex flaming and flambating desire that happen so fast and the sex scenes that seemed to have been written by a kid, because they felt plain, boring and like a diagram more or less.

Maybe I'm too picky, maybe I'm bad and I'm starting the year with a one star review and a negative opinion, but, honestly, I have read fan-fics better than this one and I love fan fics and out there are some amazing ones! This was awful and I can't freaking understand how it has so many good reviews. Sorry if you liked it or if it's your favourite but for me... God, hopefully I'll even forget that this was on my TBR.

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A realistic look at a man whose life was blown apart in one explosive moment, and who has to work to find a way forward. Gil was a family lawyer who took on a case with a violent ex-husband - a man crazy enough to try to blow up his ex-wife's lawyer. Gil survived without severe injury, but with visible scars on his head, and deep PTSD that forced him to give up his job and move home with his mother. He's been trying to get back his independence for the last 2 years, with the help of a good therapist (and yay for professional therapy for a damaged character). When he travels to Minnesota for his new low-stress job, he meets an attractive man who seems to have a charmed life. Until that handsome, bright colleague picks up his cane, and Gil finds out it's not a fashion accessory; it's a very-needed physical prop.

Keith was in the wrong place when a gang kid in Florida fired a gun. He's been dealing with the physical trauma to his leg ever since. He understands how a moment of hurt can become years of struggle. These two guys really get each other, and in one night together they connect on an emotional and physical level. Then, from 1500 miles apart, they text and Skype, and slowly decide that this was more than a one-night hookup. But for a guy like Gil, with his PTSD, moving and finding a job that pays an independent amount, and feeling whole enough to be in a relationship, isn't easy. And Keith's leg isn't healed yet. Or maybe ever.

There are a lot of good things about this story - most notably the realism, the obvious research, and plausible feel of these two men's issues. They move slowly, and steadily, toward their happy ending. For all its slow progression, their relationship was a bit idealized. The degree to which these guys consistently and patiently put each other first was lovely, but made for a less dramatic story. They understood each other, and acted on that understanding, in very mature ways.

More sweet and steady than emotional for me, this book is a good low-key antidote to stories where a gunshot wound is an hour of inconvenience, or where love heals trauma.