In The Forest, She Grew Fangs by Stephen Spotswood

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It’s just one boring monologue after another. I just couldn’t do it 

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This took me a little over two hours to read aloud with my friend since we are auditioning for this show in a little over a week together. This is an interesting one to rate since I neither loved nor hated it so as a result it seems to fall somewhere in the middle... maybe more like 3.5 stars?

Great overall idea for a play and did a fairly good job of executing the task it laid out - a MUCH more mature, teen adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood only not exactly... What I really loved about this choice though was how every page/chapter was titled with a section of the fairytale, e.g. "SCENE TWENTY-FOUR: BUT THE WOLF HEARD THE BEAT OF HER HEART AND FELT HIS HUNGER GROW". It's literally told the story of Little Red at the same time! That was so cool!

As for the characters, there were only four (excluding the ensemble who's lines largely consisted of foul "teen" language). I found all the characters, especially the two main females, Jenny and Lucy, to be INCREDIBLY generic. It was almost as if the playwright made a conscious effort to make them as stereotypical as possible. Lucy was the cliche teenage girl who feels like an outsider and is practically invisible to all her peers and Jenny is the insanely hot one who is actually a rebel and misunderstood underneath. This felt a little lazy, not gonna lie...

I have conflicting feelings about this, obviously I still want to audition though and hopefully (crossing my fingers!) I'll get cast! 3.5 star play overall.