100 Bullets, Vol. 10: Decayed, by Eduardo Risso, Brian Azzarello

mrsbooknerd's review

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Lets be honest, this isn't the easiest series to follow at the best of times, though it does have its highlights, but I really struggled to follow this book at all. At first I thought it was a flashback book and we would see the history and context for the whole series, but these flashbacks were interrupted by the current plot. Then those aspects were interrupted by seemingly random storylines for characters I didn't think I'd seen before.

All in, I just couldn't get on with it at all.

nharkins's review

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3/4 through, and motivations *still* unclear. the standard seems to be re-reading the entire series again immediately after finishing.
not sure it's worth it. it feels like this was a writing experiment, kinda like the "reimagined" battlestar galactica --and we all
know how much that sucked. 100 issues is a long-ass time to conceal what's been teasing from the start, or for a reader
to even remember all the little flashbacks to finally connect them. put out already!