The Traitor, by A.D. Lombardo

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Actual rating—3.5 stars.

This was a fun, fast-paced read, and an exciting conclusion to Kai’s adventures. I love a story that gives you a bit of the villain’s perspective and The Traitor does just that, starting the prologue off from the POV of the evil queen.

Overall, the action kept the story moving, but it was the characters’ relationships and emotions drew me in and made me want to know what would happen next. There is plenty of adventure, magic, and danger in this book for any fantasy lovers out there, and there is even a very low-key romance woven throughout as well. I thought I knew where this book was going to end, but even though I guessed parts of it, Lombardo managed to surprise me at the end.

I had a few minor issues with pacing and some grammatical issues in the book that were a bit distracting, but overall, this was a very satisfying read. This is a great fantasy story that doesn’t ask a lot of you, but that absolutely takes you on a magical adventure. It could definitely be a single-sitting kind of read, perfect for curling up on a cozy day with a mug of something warm.

Thanks to A. D. Lombardo and @blackberrybookt for the free digital copy of The Katori Chronicles in exchange for an honest review.

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Wow... usually by Book 4 stories tend to go stale and lag a bit in the thrilling department. Not The Traitor. This has all the thrills and fun as the first 3 and more.

Two worlds are colliding, those of magic and non-magic. People must choose a side and decide where they stand. Kai is caught in the midst of this and some say started a war.

Kai is constantly having things thrown at him that put him and Rayna in harm's way. He has to adapt, grow, and learn throughout the process and it's interesting to watch.

I enjoy the love story between Rayna and Kai. It isn't overdone and doesn't stamp out the main details of the story. In times of chaos it's nice to find a little love and hope.

I enjoyed this one, and the series so far. The ending of The Traitor leaves me curious to see what happens next. It's definitively one I would recommend for parents who have middle grade children.

I sincerely appreciate the publisher and Blackberry Tours for providing me a review copy. All opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone.

leighs_little_library's review

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The fourth installment of the Katori chronicles did not disappoint.

Family loyalties and friendships are tested as, once again, Kai has to make some tough decisions about his loyalties to Diu and Katori.

Can Kai save his mother from her long term transformation? Can he protect his father and expose Queen Nola? Can he unite both of his worlds in peace?

With battles and schemes descriptively written, the story flows and keeps you hooked to see what the outcomes will be.

Now imagine my surprise coming to the end of the story and thinking "there is still so much to find out!" to discover that there seems to be a fifth installment in the series, and I'm so excited for it!

softestreader's review

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This book is the definition of fantastic coming-of-age fantasy. Easy to read, brilliant characters, and a remarkable world. It has it all.

I’ve read quite a few series’ where the later books lose the excitement of the first, but The Katori Chronicles are not one of them!
I can honestly say that every book in this series felt more sophisticated than the last, and I LOVE that! Especially in a bildungsroman, you grow with the characters - and The Traitor really makes you grow.

The climax of the story had me completely hooked. While I was *slightly* underwhelmed by the outcome, it worked fantastically in the story, and I cannot fault that.
Also, every character, no matter how small their role in this novel, was still fully fleshed, and I truly felt for each of them.

And just to end on a personal note, I really enjoyed reading this book, and I think The Katori Chronicles as a whole would make an amazing animation series!