Mercury Rises, by Robert Kroese

kjbbiddle's review against another edition

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i really enjoyed the first "mercury." however, the quirky characters and humor that drew me in before seemed trite and even annoying in this second installment. i found myself skipping chunks of text because the dialog amongst the characters was almost painfully convoluted in sections. too bad, really, but at least i tried it.

rainy_day_reader's review

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This is a hard book to evaluate. I'm really enjoying Kroese's writing and I compared the first Mercury to "Good Omens" which is a huge compliment in my eyes. Much of "Mercury Rises" is just as fun, like a Christopher Moore novel perhaps. The backstory with Mercury and Tiamat was clever as were the soft jabs at Harry Potter, plus Kroese always packs his books with plenty of fun quips and observations to keep things bouncing along. The big problem, for me, was that the story was overly complicated. This led to some plot lines feeling passed over and dull and worst of all, tying everything together required a ton of exposition. The final few chapters ground to a halt as one character after another stood still and delivered speeches explaining what was going on and what they were doing. It grew tiresome, then tedious and finally so boring that I just stopped reading around the 90% mark. I just couldn't find myself caring enough about the story to put up with it.

You'd give a book you didn't finish three stars? Yeah, for sure. As dull as the ending was, the start was great. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to hunt down book #3 and hope that it's a return to his former great form.