Knightfall by Ann Denton

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On to book 2!

This book was so good, that I’m trying to write this review as fast as possible so I can get started on the 2nd one! I loved every moment of reading Bloss’ story, and felt like this story was different than anything else I’ve read before. There is still romance and hot men folk, but also an exciting story with intrigue and humor as well. Do yourself a favor and read it!!!

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Was dit een goed boek? Niet echt.
Was het een leuk boek? Zekers.

Het begon nogal matig en ik kon me totaal niet vinden in de hoofdpersoon en de manier waarop het verhaal geschreven was.
Maar toch bleef ik doorlezen en ik was blij dat ik dat deed.

Haar husbands hadden ieders wat te bieden en hadden zo hun eigen trekjes, en ik vond sowieso de gifts een erg leuk iets. Dat iemand iets kan vermeerderen, maar iets anders zou moeten verminderen.

En ze werken met elkaar als een team and we stan.

Kortom: voor de strijfstijl hoef je het niet te doen, maar het concept is wel erg leuk.

Op naar deel 2.

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adventurous medium-paced


Great story writing, good world building. Sex scenes could have been flushed out more.

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adventurous emotional fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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adventurous dark emotional funny mysterious fast-paced


Really quick read. Felt rushed, its ok. I don’t think I’ll continue. 

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3.5/5 ⭐ 
3/5 🌶️ 

- Why choose
-Spurned mates to lovers
-Hidden power

📖 **My Thoughts**
Why choose romance based about the heir to the throne and her chosen mates. Mates were chosen by her Mum and she's met them before but ran away. There's a threat against her sister so she returns despite this unknown reason she'd ran away before. There were a few points during the story where the FMC's reasoning didn't make sense or flipped and I wanted more of a slow burn between the characters.  

⚠️ **Triggers**
-Threats to FMC

<:0_flag_progress_pride:1077471157575491594> **Representation**
In a group relationship, men sleep with her at the same time and interact with each other but more instructional/in a sharing way rather than a group relationship. 

🌶️ **Spice**
This was good and varied 

📝 **Special Notes**

**Link to Book**

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World-building and magic system: There were some really cool ideas concerning the world and the magic system. I felt like both could have been developed more, but the potential is certainly there. Each of the main characters has a type of magic that has to be balanced in some way. Pretty cool concept. There's elves and fae (I think?) and djinn and dragons. So far, book 1 doesn't elaborate on any of these things or really dwell on the importance of having different magical beings, but maybe later books will.

Characterization: each of the characters had distinct personalities. They are pretty one-dimensional thus far, but perhaps book 1 is just the set up and the development comes later?

The writing. This could just be about preference but personally, I couldn't stand the made-up swear words. It made it come across as juvenile, which is not good for this genre. Also, some moments were super rushed and time would skip and I'd just be like, "wait, what??"

Plot (or lack of): okay, most people reading this genre aren't really reading for the plot. Let's be real. But I think a good general rule is that if the plot is there as an excuse to write about a RH romance, then make the plot super simple- in other words, avoid complicated politics. Politics aren't sexy; they're confusing if not fully fleshed.

The FMC: She is so not convincing as a crowned princess. She's been training since childhood to be Queen but she's so inept?? It's unbelievable. She criticizes her sister for having teenage breakdowns but she has them constantly. Between falling on the ground crying and screaming in a fit of rage. She also has no sense of diplomacy. This is fantasy, but realistically, you can't just insult powerful allies because you don't like the people representing them. C'mon.

The smut: It gets pretty cringe, y'all. At one point, they're all getting it on and then the FMC hallucinates a bird shitting on her face. I'm serious. This sort of thing happens often and it's totally on purpose but it's weird. In defense of the book, I applaud that it take a slow-burn approach, but the 'sexy' moments aren't really sexy (imo). It's hard to sell a sexy moment when it occurs in the middle of a fatal situation or while talking politics, just saying.

The hate-to-love timeline: the guys go from loathing her existence to falling head over heels in a very short time. There's the exception of Connor, and honestly, he's the most real one out of all of them. I'm a bit bitter that the FMC's plan to get him to love her again was essentially to put him on the spot in front of all the nobles (a situation in which he wouldn't be able to say no) and coerce him into flipping his mind like a switch. They needed to talk things out. All of them. They didn't really. Lust works like a band-aid, I guess? Idk, I liked Connor (aka: "the sunshine boy" who turned into "a solar flare") best because he called her out on her shit. Respect.

Inconsistencies: there's some inconsistencies that come up that can be ignored, but kinda nag. Or some convenient reason for the inconsistencies will come up and you're like, "well that doesn't really make sense, but sure".

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adventurous challenging emotional lighthearted mysterious fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? It's complicated
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? N/A


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Interesting story

It’s a good book. An easy read. This book has magic and intrigue, love, and betrayal. It tells the story of bonds that are tested by time and distance, heartbreak and the pure stubborn need to fix a problem by ones self.
The book seemed a bit choppy in places, but overall I enjoyed it.

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2 stars  


Oh my oh deary me

Wow what an absolute waste of my time and energy.
Connor was the worst. He could have died and I would not have cared. It might have made the story interesting.
Quinn can marry me any day. Oh boy I love a mysterious brooding hunk AND he couldnt talk what a win.
Ryan was annoying and like barely useful in this story.
Declan was a cinnamon roll that needs protection and love awwwwww

Yeah Bloss was funny at first but she got all sad and annoying and needed to yell at more people for treating her like shit. Especially Connor. He needed multiple lectures.

The plot was so disappointing. And why make dragons bad? I love a good dragon! Who makes then evil?! Rude. What did they do to you?

Also 4 husbands is way too much. Too much testosterone floating around for an absolute monarch. Doesn’t make sense.

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