Sweet Annie by Cheryl St. John

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I'm torn here...I want to give this a horrible rating but I liked the character Annie...

First off, having a limp because one leg is longer than the other is a cheap ass way of writing a crippled character. Own it and give her something really gimpy; this is fiction, I want DRAMA!

Second, this is yet another cripple-discovers-s/he-is-more-capable-than-previously-thought-once-a-3rd-party-treats-them-like-a-normal-person. I know this seems like it's not a bad thing but I cannot get on my milk carton every time I review a book so just trust me on this.

Annie was good though. She was the only character that seemed human in this book...she needs to find her potential in a better story.

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Book #1 in the Copper Creek Bride Series

"Out of all the men who could have ridden into her life and received her favor, he'd been the one she wanted. He would do anything for her, anything to please her, anything to see her smile, hear her laugh, win her kiss."
"Look at you. You're a strong, healthy man. Why would you want a girl like Annie, who can't possibly do everything a normal woman can? Those words pierced Luke's heart- and lodged anger in his soul."
......"Lord, she was a talker."
"Don't cry," he said gruffly.
"I'm not crying," she denied....."Sometimes my eyes leak when I'm happy."
"I'm not going to break, you know."
"I am," he replied.