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The Hot Blood series are tales of erotic horror, which is the best combination ever. When something as personal and sensitive as sex is mixed with horror, what could possible scare you shitless more? So I set out to explore them all, all 13 books of the series, thus Project Hot Blood.

First, some info about my rating system. The level of paranormal of each story is one to five, one meaning it surely can happen in real life, five meaning it’s utterly something paranormal. The level of sex describes how graphic is the sex in each story, one to five, one being tame a bedtime story told by a nun, five being a detailed script for a hardcore porn movie. My rating’s from one to ten, it’s based on the balance of horror and erotic, so getting five in ‘level of sex’ doesn’t automatically mean an above average rating from me. It’s based on the wtf-ness of the ending, how freaked out I am, how nightmare-generating it is. One being rubbish, ten being masterpiece. It’s time to move on to the fifth book in my Project Hot Blood. Let's begin.

Scream Queen
Ronald Kelly
The premises of the story was actually great. There you have your regular stalker-loner type who happens to be a huge horror movie fan, the good old creature features. So the build-up was brilliant when the reader got to follow this guy on his little road trip to… I guess make his dreams come true. There was a twist in the end, that would have been a brilliant one only if the execution would have been better. There wasn’t enough words left for the twist, and that fact alone made this into only a 5/10 story instead of a masterpiece.
Length: 17 pages
Level of Sex: 2 Mostly masturbation, sex scene pretty contained.
My rating: 5 out of 10

Billie Sue Mosiman
Another stalker-story, quite disturbing this one. I know the problem with short stories is that they never have enough pages to get the back story out. But I think it’s not very responsible of the author to open such a big can of worms but then leave it half way. The ending was rushed and I expected a completely different path that the story would take, and the actual ending was the lamest I could think of. I still gave this a higher rating than the first story, cos the beginning was pretty entertaining.
Length: 23 pages
Level of Sex: 3 Dirty violent sex, but still vanilla.
My rating: 6 out of 10

High Concept
J. N. Williamson
So I’m just going to go ahead and ignore the huge plot hole that you can actually just go and make someone into a porn star just like that. Story in short, a quite slimey porn producer tried to seduce a giant woman to join the industry for obvious novelty reasons. It sounded like a shitty thing to do, but did that actually warrant the amount of violence in the end of the story? I don’t think so. But by the time this lengthy short story ended, I didn’t even care anymore.
Length: 21 pages
Level of Sex: 2 Long but tame sex scene, I expected more of a story about the porn industry.
My rating: 4 out of 10

Just a Phone Call Away
John F. D. Taff
Now that’s what I’m talking about. This story is one of those why I absolutely looooove The Hot Blood series. Basically, it’s a simple story about a woman who was being fired by her boss/fuckbuddy then decided to start a phone sex hotline operating from her house. All went well until an especially kinky customer called her and that changed her life. Being kinky myself, I do understand the pleasure she must be felt, but she was also a cautionary tale of why safe kink requires a sane mind.
Length: 21 pages
Level of Sex: 5 Only masturbation, but because this included some hardcore kinky shit, therefore the fiver.
My rating: 9 out of 10

Black and White and Bed All Over
James Crawford
This is soooo strange. And not in a good way? So there are these Animates that can be anything and they do movies? I’m not sure. They are like creatures from your imagination? I’m not sure. And because they are kinda like the product of the imagination, only the imagination being their only limit? I’m not sure. So many big questions unanswered. Just a bizarre idea not really fully explored. Then the author threw in some absurd sex scenes, not the acts themselves, but the surrounding? I’m not sure. Simply put, I didn’t like it.