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informative medium-paced


This was fascinating. It's a travelogue of abandoned places around the world, some of which I'd heard of, like Chernobyl and Varosha in Cyprus, but most of which I hadn't. There were a lot of different reasons each place became abandoned including war, natural disasters, industrial contamination, climate change and human resettlement and it was all so interesting to learn about. There were are few times where the nature descriptions started to go over my head because I couldn't picture the plants or animals Flyn was describing but generally it was an easy read because I was so intrigued. Through exploring all the different places she discusses topics like climate change, rewilding, agriculture, invasive species and nature's resilience. I certainly don't know enough about those subjects to have big opinions of my own like I've seen in some reviews but I feel like I learnt a lot from this and it gave me a lot to think about. 

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