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Take a Hint, Dani Brown, by Talia Hibbert

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I love fake dating, I love friends to lovers, I love a strong female main character, and I love Take A Hint, Dani Brown. 

Zafir? Hot. Dani? Hot. 

I loved and greatly appreciated Hibbert’s ability to write about the fatphobia fat women experience in a funny and non-triggering way. “Oh dear he thinks I’m a fat slut. I might die of a broken heart” had me cackling and was so relatable. I don’t know how to describe Talia Hibbert other than fucking delightful. This book is witty, charming, revealing, and full of spice. I love and appreciate Hibbert’s ability to write fat characters without focusing on body insecurities. I love her ability to write with both characters voices within one sentence and I found myself rereading scenes so they wouldn’t end. This is a perfect romance novel. 

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