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The Anthropocene Reviewed, by John Green

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ssgcedits's review against another edition

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emotional funny hopeful informative reflective medium-paced


Green's wittiness and lyricism are even more evident in essay form than in narrative. And there are as many funny, wacky facts in this book as you would expect from a celebrity nerd. Green's books always leave me feeling a little more hopeful.
My only criticisms are that for a book that claims to review the Anthropocene it is obscenely American in perspective (despite a couple of essays being on non-American topics/stories); and that, if you've followed John Green for a few years, even if you don't listen to the Anthropocene podcast, a lot of these stories will be at least familiar to your ears.

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elissareadsbooks's review

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emotional hopeful reflective slow-paced


i laughed. i cried. i felt like when you spend five hours having deep conversation with a good friend, come home happy and exhausted, and collapse on the couch to take a nap. this was so special and personal and my heart feels like it cracked open a bit.

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