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The Anthropocene Reviewed, by John Green

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this one is definitely going to be in my top 5 books this year for sure.

there’s just something about talking about things so mundane but have had such a profound impact on your life that really unsettles you, just for a moment. part of it being mundane usually means its insignificant enough to not warrant much attention, but then there are moment where they mark so MANY points in our lives. from teddy bears to sunsets to a hot dog eating contest, green’s life has been touched by so much and he still has so many more experiences to make.

i’m not generally a fan of his other stuff because of the way mass consumption turned his works into romanticism of various mental illnesses and yet this was raw. he held nothing back. he opened himself up and discussed how these little things really affected him during the lowest and highest points of his life. that’s exceedingly brave. and he absolutely should get his flowers for this book.

this felt like a diary and a hug wrapped into one. i loved it.

5 stars! (:

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