Salvation, by Caryn LIX

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This was such an epic ending to an already epic trilogy. It was non-stop action and intrigue, love and heartache, from start to finish. I loved seeing the continuation of these characters' journeys and seeing how everything built up to a climactic ending.

I only wish that it didn't feel like so much new information about the aliens was all forced into this one book that the characters and readers had to learn while trying to fight the last battle against these creatures. In the end it all made sense in terms of the timeline of the plot and what they had access to in order to learn this info, but it just felt like there was so many new items of information being thrown into this book considering it was the final one in the trilogy. There were points when I was almost convinced it couldn't possibly wrap everything up in this book alone. But all in all, it ended up working out and everything made sense and kept the pacing fast and electric.

And while I also enjoyed the romance between Cage and Kenzie, and I appreciated how it never took precedence over the rest of the plot, they did move a little too quickly in their confessions of love to one another for my taste. But they're teenagers dealing with a pretty awful situation so I'm okay with letting that one slide a little.

This series is honestly one of the best YA Sci-fi trilogies I have read. It has great characters, a fast paced plot full of high stakes and breathtaking action, a cute romance, and combines so many wonderful aspects of sci-fi (superpowers, aliens, dystopian society, space) all in one. This was an absolute joy to read and I look forward to whatever Caryn Lix has in store next.
4.5 stars