The Search for Truth, by Kaza Kingsley

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Don't like the cover great book though.

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With all that's going on this time of year it seemed to take a while to finish this book. I liked it alot, it's a fun series with good characters and I'm looking forward to it continuing.

SpoilerThe only thing about this book that bothered me, and it bothered me through at least half of the second book was why Erec didn't think that King Piter was his father and the royal triplets were not dead. I realize with what happened after he found out that was why it was held back in the story, but it seemed like a bit of a stretch that he couldn't have guessed long before then. I had kind of assumed that he was a missing triplet at the end of the first book, but that may just be me thinking that "destined to be king" was equal to "heir to the throne" or "long lost prince". That's the only reason this book got three stars instead of four.

Even with that factor, I really enjoyed this book. It was full of adventure, magic, friendship, etc. All the good stuff. I haven't looked to see how many more books are expected in this series, but I'm assuming there's at least one more based on how it ended and especially now that that whole question of Erec being the prince is worked out I'm really looking forward to the next volume.

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May I just take a moment to gloat that I was the VERY FIRST PERSON to read this one from the library! I feel very special.

This third book in the series has Erec grocery shopping with his foster mom when he sees a vision of his best friend being tortured by the evil magician, Thanatos Baskania. When Erec comes back to reality, he finds that he had turned into a dragon. He sets off to Alympium to help Bethany.

His premonition gave him a place to start, but it looks like Erec will have his hands full this time. He winds up with TWO quests to complete this time, and the Stain triplets are right on his tail the whole time. Baskania is growing in power and Erec must master his own magical abilities if he is going to survive.

I loved this book. I'm glad that Erec found out a little more about who he is. He's also learning to use his magical powers. I loved the way his friends really helped him with his challenges. Erec has some tough choices to make this time.

Baskania is possibly one of the creepiest villains in children's fantasy books. I think this is too intense for young teens, but then I am conservative. I am very anxious to read the next one in this series.

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Erec Rex is back in his third adventure trying to save Alyphium. This time Baskania, aka The Shadow Prince, is back again trying to make the Stain Brothers the next kings. From the very beginning it’s easy to see that this is going to be similar to the other two books in that the quests and situations Erec faces will possibly end his life.

This time though, it’s not just Erec’s life in danger, it’s also his best friend (and hopefully one day love interest?), Bethany’s life that is also in danger this time. As Erec returns to Alyphium from recovering from the last quests in Upper Earth, which seems to be a pattern, he finds that Bethany is in danger and he must hurry and get to her before she makes a big mistake.

The Shadow Prince has found an “inside man,” so to speak and is gaining knowledge about Erec and his ventures, that he shouldn’t know anything about. This means, for Erec that one of his close friends is betraying the trust that he has given them. This also means that somehow, he has to outsmart The Shadow Prince, along with the Stain brothers, and complete his quests.

These quests, like all the others, seem like they are becoming exceptionally dangerous and gives me the thought that either Erec can put every superhero to shame or he will be dead by the next book. But since there are still five other books in the series and Erec is the title character, I know this is not the case.

This time Erec must “Get behind and set it free,” which is quite amusing to some extent. We also get a lot of unanswered questions answered and, as usual, we get more questions, but in due time they will all be answered, I’m sure. We learn more about The Hermit, whom we have met before, and we also learn a bit more about Oscar, Jack, and Melody (she was Bethany’s roommate in the first book).

Erec’s second quest in the book, is to find the Awens and bind them to something else that he’s supposed to get from someone that destroyed it long before. Many sorcerers have tried doing this throughout the years, and they all failed, most with their lives. If Erec chooses to not take this quest on, then Upper Earth will not survive, and eventually neither will their own world. We also not only meet The Fates, but in my case appreciate and quite enjoy them. They bring some much needed humor and a quite a few revelations to light, plus they are just fun!

Some of the revelations we get are ones that we saw coming since The Dragon’s Eye, but there are others that are total surprises. There was something about The Search for Truth that The Monster’s of Otherness was missing, and it took me a bit to figure it out and I think I finally did. The Search for Truth was similar to The Dragon’s Eye in the way that we were dealing with Erec and Bethany and Kind Piter and not dealing with so many extra characters.

We learned more about why Erec should be doing this and not focusing on the fact that he is doing it just because he seems to have to do it. I am once again left wanting more in this series, but this time I have to wait a lot longer for the next book which doesn’t even have a release date yet. And knowing that I have to wait so long to finish this fabulous series just makes me even more excited and impatient to know what happens next!

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Out of all the Erec Rex books that I have read so far, this one was by far my favorite. It was much funnier than I expected it would be, and it had the perfect pace to keep the action going. The best part was when Erec and his friends were collecting the five Awen. I am very excited to see what the next book in the series has to offer!

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I really liked the first two books of this series, and the plot was really interesting. The characters weren't my favorites, but I definitely liked them. It didn't seem like the next big hit, but it was entertaining and it seemed like it would have no trouble building a fair-sized fan base. All in all, the series was looking awesome! By the time I got to this book I was certain this series would become a fav!
...Then came book three...
*shakes head* =/ Something that was in the first two books was definitely lacking in this one. I won't say it was the worst thing I've read, but it sure was not the best. From the beginning it was hard to get interested in it, and there were several points where it took alot to keep me reading it at all. Who knows, I might pick it up again some day, but this book seriously put me off of the series.

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The third installment in the Eric Rex fantasy series. Eric must continue his quests to become the rightful king of Alpyium. This time he must repair the Substance which holds Alpyium and the mortal world together. To do this he must defeat a Manticore and secure the five Awen, but can he do so without risking his own life and that of his friends as well.