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This issue is by far my favourite of the three issues of Clarkesworld I have so far read. There just seemed to be so many female writers in this one and they all wrote such good stories which I found myself really getting into and enjoying.

In order to show what I thought I am just going to paste my updates and add a bit to them:

03/06-10.0% - I liked 'Salvage Opportunity' by Jack Skillingstead - about a man alone in space with his Companion. Bit of a lonely one, and definitely a quick read but maybe not the most memorable. 2.5*
Enjoyed 'Seven Cups of Coffee' by A C Wise and felt that was a great mini time travel story filled with sad moments of loss and tragedy. I think this one was a little more personal than the previous and thus I liked it more. 3.5*s"

03/06-12.0% - "Just read 'The Governess With The Mechanical Womb' by Leena Likitalo which is my favourite from this issue so far. It felt convincing and genuine but it was definitely creepy and the Governess was such an ominous character. I really liked seeing the character's plight. 4*s"

03/07-15.0% - "Coyote Invents the Land of the Dead" by Kij Johnson is my favourite in this issue so far. I kind of knew it might be just becuase of the writer (she's a favourite of mine anyway) but this story of death, and searching for lost loves, was beautiful and moving and wonderfully narrated in its own quirky way. 4.5*s"

03/08-40.0% - "Just read through Gu Shi's 'Chimera' story and I really loved it. It's the translated fiction for this issue and it deals with genomes and Genetic Modifications which I truly find fascinating! 4*s"

03/08-65.0% - "Just read the two classic fiction pieces. The first is 'The King Of Norway' by Cecelia Holland and this one is very historical in focus. It does have a slight 'olde-worlde' fantasy vibe, but it really didn't capture my imagination enough. 2*s
The next was 'Gray Wings' by Karl Bunker and I liked this one more as it's a story about flying but still it was just likeable - 3*s"

And finally my thoughts on the non-fiction:
I didn't care too much for the two articles about Psychadelia in film or Star Wars Costumes (as I'm not a huge SFF film watcher) but I really enjoyed the interview with Charlie Jane Anders. I am hoping to read her book really soon and the interview she gave made me even more excited to do so!
I also always like the editorial bit and the cover artist section as they are short but personal and add a bit more tot he magazine.

On the whole a lot of good reads which were long and the ones I didn't like as much were all short so this evens out at a 4*s from me, I'll definitely be continuing my subscription for now :)